Booze Before Noon Episode 19: Stand Up Comedian Brett Kline

author-pic at Booze Before Noon: The Podcast  

This week on Booze Before Noon – The Black Sheep’s Podcast – we start things off in the Malort Minute by pairing it against crappy gluten free beer and chatting about Mike’s amphetamine and diarrhea problems (4:30).

Then, Mike and Brendan give their #HotTakes on Golf – Brendan loves crankin’ and yankin’ it (9:38) while Mike argues the best version of golf is drinking and playing bumper cars.

At 19:40 we bring on Brett Kline, former The Black Sheep MSU writer and current stand-up in New York City to talk pursuing stand-up post grad (20:40), what it takes to do stand-up full time (28:00) and the selfie-stick-breaking video that went viral (36:30).