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A Definitive Guide to Athens Bar Hopping

Downtown Athens can be a pretty overwhelming place. Leading the nation in bars per square mile (97 bars, 122 places with liquor licenses) it can often be a crazy toss-up when hitting the streets post-pregame. Well, The Black Sheep is happy to break it down for you. Here’s a guide on what to expect from a myriad of popular bars downtown. Happy hopping!


Freshman Bars:

Whiskey Bent: If your sole intention is to dance on a table, head straight to Whiskey Bent on a Friday night. This is a right of passage for UGA freshmen. It’s a good place to go to meet other incapacitated freshman and talk about how hard your Intro Psych class is.


Bourbon Street: The easiest bar to get into with a bad tape ID job. Good place to go to meet seduce Athens High School seniors.


Flanagan’s: Also a go-to spot for table dancing on a Friday night. We’ve held a table wobbling under the weight of a girl wearing 6-inch stilettos in an attempt to be a drunken Nicki Minaj. Seriously, be careful out here y’all.


Hipster Bars:


Little Kings: Recently making headlines for prohibiting customers under 25 to enter on weekend nights, due to “increasing destruction of property, people, and overall dignity.” Sorry but, welcome to Athens. If you’re not destroying your overall dignity on a regular basis you’re probably not doing college right.


Max Canada: Recently redone to look less like an ironic dive, but a pretty decent bar if you’re into PBR, skinny jeans, and discussions about metal bands.


Nowhere: Regular live music, solid amount of pool tables, and nice backyard patio for smoking American Spirits, should you so choose.


Frat Bars:


OTR: AKA “On the Rocks,” this bar is so Greek it’s still wearing togas. Just kidding, but seriously you won’t ever see GDIs in here. If you’re into half-calf socks, frockets, and hearing “brah” over 100 times a night, this place is for you.


Silver Dollar: Always blasting your regular hot rap music, which can be enticing for those of us who partake in the hip-hop lifestyle. Inside tells quite a different story. Dudes decked out in Nike grinding on girls decked out Red Dress Boutique, it’s a bit hectic. It also has a huge outdoor patio for chilling with your bros and hollerin’ at every girl walking down W. Washington.


General’s: Named after a Confederate general with a Confederate flag hanging in the window, this place has some… let’s say not so subtle southern pride. If you’re an SAE or KA, this is  the only bar you go to. If you date and SAE or KA, you’re a regular at any of the previous three.


Dancing Bars:


9D’s: Though the massive flight of stairs leading up to the dance floor may be a deterrent for the drunker individual, it’s well worth it once you get up there. Playing a steady stream of 90’s favorites (N*SYNC, Usher, Outkast etc) it keeps the whole crowd bumping and screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs every weekend night.  


Boar’s Head: Live music most days usually within the genre of rock/grunge with an occasional popular cover. 3 floors with 4 bars, huge outdoor patios, and only the occasional townie trying to buy you a drink. Typically popular amongst non-UGA students, but definitely a fun bar nonetheless. Pool and beer pong tables downstairs, darts, free popcorn, and $1 drinks on Mondays. What more could you ask for?


Hope this helps Dawgs, best of luck out there! Cheers from the staff of The Black Sheep.

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