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6 Ways to Get Into an Alpha Tau Omega Party You Weren’t Invited To

Frat parties are notorious for being selective with who they allow to join in on their booze celebrations. Phrases like “Who do you know?” and “No geed’s allowed” are known all-too-well by the non-Greek community. WMU’s Alpha Tau Omega chapter is no different, and if you aren’t “in” with somebody in the fraternity, you may find difficulty getting in. Luckily, The Black Sheep has plenty of means by which to party in a frat.

6.) Compliment their motel lifestyle:
ATΩ’s living quarters may be the most…unique…in the Greek community. Considering you wouldn’t choose to stay at a motel unless you have a Psycho affinity, we can’t imagine the boys at ATΩ are too confident in their digs. One small compliment towards the building may be all you need to begin a night filled with Jungle Juice and sorostitutes.

5.) Hide within a pack of sorority girls:
Sorority girls have always been –and continue to be– every frat guy’s weakness. If you happen to be friends with a girl in one of the sororities, more power to you. For those without Greek friends, sneak into the middle of a herd of AXΩ girls as they approach the motel and gain entry without a blink of an eye.

4.) Convince everybody that FIJI is throwing a party that night:
Frats embark on a nightly battle over who can gather the largest crowd at their parties. On a normal night, if you can direct the crowd to another frat’s house, the ATΩ boys will let you hang out just to maintain the illusion of some sort of party happening.

3.) Kidnap Iggy:
ATΩ’s beloved gorilla is almost more of a symbol of their house than the house itself. Standing proud over the corner of the motel, Iggy is the subject of selfies, drinking stunts, and firework displays that should have reduced the gorilla to ashes long ago. Kidnap this sacred icon and hold it hostage until the boys allow you in.

2.) Sneak in through the back:
The back of the motel is protected by a very flimsy fence that submits to almost any amount of pressure. If they don’t have anybody watching the back, sneak in and be sure to act as naturally as possible once you emerge on their front deck.

1.) Bring a fuck-ton of booze:
At the end of the day, the one thing frat boys and everybody else have in common is their undying need to get drunk and have a good time. They’ve only got so much liquor to go around, so if you happen to have a cement truck filled with Fireball whiskey or something, bring that sucker out and become the coolest God Damn Independent WMU has ever known.

If you find yourself without weekend plans and a liver that’s craving rum, do not be deterred if the only parties going on are happening along Fraternity Village. Just because you don’t know the Greek alphabet doesn’t mean you have to be stuck playing Mario Kart with the engineering nerds across the hall from you.

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