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Bartender of the Week: Sally from Terrapin’s Turf


Name: Sally Sakhi

Bar: Terrapin’s Turf

Relationship Status: Married

Major: Finance and marketing

Favorite Drink: Champagne

Favorite Shot: Tequila

Disgusting Drink: Anything creamy


Beer is to what as Coke is to Pepsi?:

I can’t… umm… I don’t know. Coke and Pepsi are like the exact same thing they just have different names. There is nothing else that tastes exactly like beer. You know what I’m saying?


Which liquor do you want to lactate?:



What will be the most notable moment in College Park in 2016?:

When the Terps win March Madness.


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What’s the dumbest thing you did in 2015?:

Dropped a bowl and it sliced my finger in half and cut my finger to the bone.


Which hat best personifies your dad?: 

Cowboy hat


What is your New Year’s BRO-silution?:

To be more optimistic. Just to live life positively and see the glass half full.


What are you most excited to regret in 2016?:

Hopefully that I spent too much money traveling.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

I guess because they’re highlighting bartenders! That’s an industry I have some interest in.


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