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Drinking Game: Midterm Mayhem

Now that midterms are in full swing (UGH) we know you’re finally going to get serious about school and buckle down. To help make your exams a little bearable, The Black Sheep came up with a fun game to play.


What You’ll Need: Your textbooks you’ve never opened and a quiet spot you can actually get work done, like the library you’ve never been to, and an alcoholic drink of your choice.


Number of Players: It looks like it’s just you, unless group studying is your thing.


Level of Intoxication: There’s a good chance your impairment will make your textbooks a lot more difficult to read.


How to Play:



-Take a drink when you open your textbook, because we know that will never happen again.

-If you’re reading the first chapter and it already sounds like a foreign language, take a drink.

-Every time somebody sniffles or coughs, take a sip and pray you don’t catch whatever disease they have.

-Every time you open social media, take a drink then get back to work.

-If you don’t know anybody in your class, take a drink because you’re screwed.

-If you study in silence take a drink.

-Even if you like to study with background noise or music, still take a drink.

-If you like to stay fueled up on caffeine, take a drink because alcohol and caffeine don’t mix well but it sure will get your heart beating.


The Game Ends When: You get too drunk and flip the table you’re working at over with frustration or understand the material fully, whichever happens first. (We’re going to guess the first option.)

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