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Take A Shot At It Drinking Game

You’re a man of risk. Chance. You laugh at fate. You spit in the eye of lady luck. You also once drank so much you pooped your pants. Well, it might happen again with this shots drinking game. 

Number of Players: 2 and at least 1 spectator;

What You Need: 10 identical shot glasses, vodka of your choice, water.

Intoxication Level: This isn’t chess. You’re not even playing checkers.

How to Play:
– Fill 5 shot glasses with water and 5 shot glasses with vodka.

– Place the 10 shot glasses in a line on the table, it doesn’t matter what order they are in.

– Player 1 turns around so their back is facing the table. Then player 2 moves the shot glasses around the table however they want.

– Player 2 turns around with their back to the table and player 1 mixes up the shot glasses in however he or she sees fit.

– Finally, both players turn so their backs are facing the table and the spectator will mix up the shot glasses one more time.

– The 2 players take turns alternating shots.

– Play continues until the board is eliminated. Go slow, or you’ll end up doing like 5 shots in 5 minutes.

– Whoever takes fewer shots gets to play again in the next round.

The Game Ends When: When all 10 shot glasses are empty. The person who took the most shots of vodka is the winner or the loser…you decide, really.

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