Where to Drink in Gainesville During Trump’s Inauguration

author-pic at University of Florida  

Whether you’re celebrating or mourning during Trump’s inauguration, chances are you want to drink. We’ve compiled a list of the best places in Gainesville to either turn up or drink your pain away.

 5.) Gator Beverage INC.:

If it takes too much effort to go out, make your way over to Gator Beverage Inc. and stock up on some booze for the weekend—either for the rager you want to throw, or for drinking solo (because you don’t want people to see the booze-colored tears running down your face). Or, sit outside the store, watch the inauguration on your phone and simply go buy more whenever you run out.

4.) Any Frat House in G-ville:

Any event, big or small, becomes an excuse for UF’s beloved frats to throw a party. You already know that with inauguration day coming up on Friday, this weekend is going to be one you won’t remember. Some frats will celebrate the night away, while others will create drinking games for the presidential speech. No matter which end of the spectrum you fall on, it may take you all of next week to recover.

3.) The Bank Bar and Lounge:

With our new president being a man of business, it makes sense to waste the night away feeling like you’re among the top 1%. Head on over to Gainesville’s “wealthy” bar, The Bank. Take the time to finally live out the dream of having money—even though you’re broke and slowly collecting thousands of dollars in debt.

2.) Balls Bookstore:

Don’t be fooled, freshmen, it’s not actually a bookstore. It’s exactly the grungy, cheap, wet college bar where you want to drink all inaugural night. Bring a black sharpie and drunkenly add to the graffiti walls, “was here when Trump became prez #2017.”

1.) An Island Far, Far Away:

To all the people in Gainesville who said, “I’m leaving if HE gets elected,” now’s your chance. What better place to drink than a deserted island, where no one can tell you that your opinion is wrong? Plan a weekend getaway, and (while you’re at it) plan to just stay there.

No matter where you are this weekend, use this occasion to drink like it’s the repeal of the 1920s alcohol prohibition all over again.