5 Athens Indulgences You Could Have Afforded Had You Not Gone On Spring Formal

author-pic at University of Georgia  

It’s that time of year again when formals are sneaking up on the wallets of the Greek community. If you think you’re safe because you’re a GDI, think again! You too could be asked on one of these magical nights you won’t even remember. To put into perspective just how much money you’ll blow on formal this year, here are 5 things you could have paid for instead:

5.) 1 Hair Blowout = 1 Month Membership to Crunch Fitness:
A typical hair blowout, with a Groupon, costs $20. You’re literally washing that money down the drain when you shower the day after formal and your hair is back to normal. Instead of getting your hair done, you could have afforded an all access pass to Crunch for one month! Think of all the beer calories you could have burned off!

4.) 1 Mani/Pedi = 5.7 Bottles of Barefoot Wine:
Most mani/pedis cost $40. If you didn’t get your nails done for formal, you could have purchased 5.7 bottles of Barefoot wine from Jimbo’s on Baxter. That’s like 2 whole Wine Wednesdays!

3.) 1 Dress or Outfit = 10 Downtown Parking Tickets:
It’s safe to say that most girls throw down $100 for a formal dress, and guys have to spend a similar amount on a tux rental. That money could have gone toward 10 whole downtown parking tickets. You know, those ones no one ever pays that just build up in the glove compartment? You could have paid your debt if you didn’t go on formal, you debtor you.

2.) 1 Sit Down Dinner for You and Your Date = 16 Slices of Little Italy Pizza:
Formal always involves sitting down for a nice meal. Not only that, but paying separately isn’t a norm in this scenario. You have to actually pay for your date. Once you’ve both ordered, it’s safe to say the meal is going to cost about $40. Do you know how many slices of Little Italy pizza you can get for $40? 16 Slices. Next time, maybe consider just eating dinner at Little Shitaly’s in the first place.

1.) Like, 4 Ubers = 1 Ticket to See Get Out Again:
Get Out is easily the best film that’s been released in a long time. It has a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is absolutely unheard of. If you’ve seen it, then chances are you’re just waiting until the right moment to go see it again. Well, guess what? By the time you take an Uber to the house for formal pictures with the banner, then another one to dinner, then another one to the venue, and then one more to go shack at your date’s place, you’ve spent enough money for a movie ticket and popcorn.

Although spring formals are a staple for many UGA students, think of all the things you could have afforded had you not gone. Is one night really worth blowing your chances at paying off parking tickets, seeing good movies, buying food, and getting drunk at home? There are just too many tempting indulgences in Athens to spend all of your money in one place.

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