Champaign Police Plans To Perform IQ Tests To Target ISU Students at Unofficial

author-pic at University of Illinois  

Unofficial brings many people from other universities to celebrate the daylong drinking marathon. Unfortunately, students from schools like Illinois State University (ISU) act irresponsibly, and commonly become student who get arrested. Knowing this, University Police have thought of a new tactic to deal with ISU students.

“Usually, we arrest students for public intoxication during Unofficial by using a Breathalyzer to test their blood alcohol content, however we decided to change courses this year,” said UIUC Police Chief Jeffrey Christensen. “We will now be performing IQ tests for people who we have probable cause that they’re breaking the law. This is the only way to deal with the ISU student problem on Unofficial.”

UIUC police partnered with the Department of Psychology on creating an IQ tests that will let the campus police know who are ISU students and who are Illini just trying to have a good time.

“We have included questions that test an individual’s basic math and we inquire which mode of transportation one uses to get to Joe’s Brewery,” said UIUC psychology professor Barney Mack. “If the student says on their exam that they take a bus to get to Joe’s, we instantly know that this is in fact an ISU student who is breaking the law. The student not knowing the answer to 2+2 is good too, however.”

University police will begin beta testing the IQ tests next Monday outside of Joe’s Brewery.

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