Bartender of the Week: Red Lion’s Allie

author-pic at University of Illinois  

Name: Allie Hanson

Twitter Handle: @allie_hanson

Bar: The Red Lion

Relationship Status: Asking my sisters about their hot friends.

Major: Tree hugging

Favorite Drink: Dirty Shirley

Favorite Shot: Tequila, I think, but I can never really remember.

Disgusting Drink: Blue Guys, obviously.

What is The Red Lion’s New Year’s Resolution?:

$20 cover for any ISU kids.

What fictional character is The Red Lion most like? Why?:

Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove because at first he’s out to get you and just really ruin your life, but in the end he has your back, just like TRL.

Explain your New Year’s Eve in 3 words:

Threat level memory loss.

What cabinet position would you like Present Elect Trump to create for you?:

Date Event Commissioner.

What was the best song released in 2016?:

Literally any song but the one in the damn “Mannequin Challenge.”

What do you most regret about 2016?:

Plead the fifth on this one.

Give a brief review of something that merits 0 stars:

Sliding into my LinkedIn DM’s because I’ve already blocked you on all forms of social media. You know who you are.

What’chu doin’ churnin’ butter on a Tuesday?:



Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

So that Stephen Duginger can stop posting the links in the University of Illinois Class of 2019 page.