Drinking Game: Kleptomania

author-pic at University of Illinois  

We all have a dark side. Sometimes that dark side needs to be indulged. Sports and video games are often an outlet for violent desires, and just the thought of shoplifting can give a small, incendiary thrill. We need to make sure we are dealing with our impulses in the healthiest way possible. That’s why we created this stealing drinking game.

What You’ll Need:
Tiny liquor bottles (the ones that can be found in a hotel mini fridge, or in gift baskets). Also, various types of canned beer work too.

Number of Players: 3 to 5 brave souls.

Level of Intoxication:
The liquor will shove your undesirable compulsions back down to the subconscious where they belong.

How to Play:
– Section off an area of your dirty living space where the game will be played. Alcohol will be hidden throughout this area.

– Have a third party hide the tiny liquor bottles and the cans of beer as well as they can in the section.

– The search begins! Players tear through the area searching for as many bottles/cans as they can find. They must be told the number of hidden items beforehand.

– When all bottles/cans have been found, players must count how many they found and drink them. Drinks must be consumed for them to count, and puking is grounds for immediate disqualification.

– Whoever downed the most drinks is crowned the victor.

The Game Ends When:
You run out of tiny bottles of alcohol. If you plan on playing this game in a hotel, consider yourself warned: the bottles are obscenely expensive, and you may find yourself spending more money on a couple rounds of this game than you spent on that expensive hotel room.