UIowa Senior Gets Minimalist Tattoo of her P.A.U.L.A. Citation

author-pic at Iowa  

UI Senior Meagan Hertz of Cedar Rapids, has recently posted her newest body art on Instagram, with the caption “Legally inked, betches #tatted.”  

Hertz, a communications  major working towards a certificate in eastern medicine, recently celebrated her 21st birthday. According to Hertz, she and her friends from the UI’s only acupuncture club, the Iowa Pricks, celebrated  with pitchers at Sports Column, and margaritas from the Cactus of her choice. 

“The bottomless margs at Cactus 9 were amazing, but I wanted to do something really special to celebrate my first legal VOS, sorry, vomit outside of Spoco,” said Hertz. “That’s when I remembered my very first underage drinking citation, back in 2012!”

To commemorate her coming-of-age, Meagan went bottomless at local tattoo parlor, Shivasana, and got her 2012 Possession of Alcohol Under the Legal Age, otherwise known as a P.A.U.L.A.,  ticket inked permanently on her left buttock. 

“Meagan came in knowing exactly what she wanted, which was amazing for us here at Shivasana,” said tattoo artist and home kombucha brewer Greg Fergus . “This design was really timeless; clean, minimalist, classy, the kind of thing that you don’t cover up for a job interview or wedding.” Fergus said while subsequently coughing up a large scoby that he quickly added to a batch of kombucha.

Hertz reports great satisfaction in her decision, and now proudly and permanently wears her P.A.U.L.A. citation. As a freshman orientation leader, Hertz feels she can use her tattoo to guide younger students into making informed choices. 

“Meagan is doing amazing work with our incoming students,” reported head of New Student Services Jess Bentley . “She’s shown her tattoo to dozens of freshmen gentlemen, and they generally respond with great enthusiasm.”

Hertz intends to continue inspiring others with meaningful body art. At her upcoming appointment at Shivasana, she will get a delicate ribcage tattoo of the name that appeared on her first fake ID, “Meugan Hlerzt.” 

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