4 Places To Get Weird in Downtown CoMo Besides the Bars

author-pic at University of Missouri  

There’s so much work being thrown in our faces at Mizzou that it’s almost impossible to stay sober when we aren’t working. Luckily, no matter the time of day, there is always somewhere to get lit in downtown CoMo. So many of the bars in town have great deals every day of the week; it would be a crime to turn them down. But what most people don’t see is that there are many more options than just the bars. Grab your gear, because your Black Sheep staff has an adventure planned with a few other places to get lit:

4.) Aladdin Hookah Lounge:

Join the nayshe (vape nation) at the local hookah lounge located on Ninth Street. Puff puff pass your problems away. Kicking back at the lounge will be all that you need to relax and turn up at the same time. Sit back and feel the warmth of the smoke rush into you and also get a little buzz from inhaling God knows what into your lungs. It’s dark in there, so for a real good time just slip in the good good and have a nice ride. Just don’t forget that Aladdin Hookah lounge is still 21+ TURNNNN UP, because of Columbia’s tobacco laws.

3.) Alley A:

Stepping up the adventure a bit, you can take the party to Alley A! Not the brightly lit part that’s next to Kampai. Go to the part of the alley with all the dumpsters and weird smells next to the parking garage. THAT is a prime lit spot. It’s totally not dangerous at all to be hanging out in a dim alleyway. Nothing bad will happen to you. Some nice people may put you in a van but hey that’s all part of the party, right?

2.) Kaldis:

Turn the f u c k up for Kaldis man. While other people are at the bars getting shit faced, you are sitting on that comfy ass couch in the back with your seven coffees, twelve textbooks, and thousands of boxes of tissues. You have a big career ahead of you, ain’t nobody got time for fun, what does that word even mean? They may be shitting on you now, but when you cure cancer they will be crawling back wanting to know you. So keep those coffee jitters goin! You’re gonna be a big fuckin’ deal one day.

1.) Peace Park:

You have a big ass patch of grass at your disposal, go out there and get weird! Get a group of friends and make it a mini concert that only your group is invited to. Toke it up and head up the street to Shakespeare’s to have the most magical pizza of your existence or Big 12 to go ham and get hella cross faded. After that you can head back to peace park and pass the fuck out on that big ass patch of comfy ass grass. You’ll be one with nature and wake up totally refreshed. Good for the soul. P.S. word on the street is that this spot is perfect for a little shrooms adventure, but lace up your saddles, ladies and gentleman, the infamous Mizzou squirrels may try and fuck with you.

Quite the adventure, right? Spice up your weekend, hell, even your Tuesday night, and go to one or all four of these hot spots and see where your night takes you. It will make for the best memories to share with friends, family, and the people who may or may not have kidnapped you in Alley A.