4 Steps To Surviving Syllabus Week at Mizzou

author-pic at University of Missouri  

As much as we would like the say this week is a marathon rather than a sprint, we all know we’d be lying, in the fact that sylly week is actually a 6-7-day long stretch of sprinting. This sounds unreasonable and maybe stupid, but think back, remember we’re talking about syllabus week, and nothing makes more sense than a week of absolute debauchery right before you have to try and hold your life together for the next few months. So your Black Sheep team is here full of the support and encouragement you need to keep you sprinting this week.

1.) First off grab some water, and for the week, your best friend:

This is not an exaggeration; water will literally treat you better than your friends will this week. While your friends are busy either leaving early with that boy, or they’re throwing up on you in the bathroom water has been at home waiting for you this whole time with open arms. Appreciate it.

2.) Keep your head in the game:

If you’ve planned this week right, you know all the themes you’ll be hitting this week, and if frats know what they’re doing, the best themes will be saved for the second half of the week. So if there’s ever something to get you out the door, it’s the sweet ensemble you mentally prepared, but didn’t really execute last week.

3.) We all know you don’t really have anything important to do tomorrow:

Syllabus week is the one time the entire (majority) of the student body can get together and be less than ideal students, together. Very similar to team building, this week is a vital one to our success as a student body. Come on guys, we are ONE MIZZOU. The odds of someone giving you math assignments is way lower if you’ve made out with them last week.

4.) Get it all out of your system:

At least if you go hard enough for syllabus week, you can pretend like your 7-day hangover next week is actually the start of you coming into a new, more responsible student. But rest assured we will see you back again soon where you belong, whether that’s sweating on other people at MyHouse, or sitting for extended periods of time at Big 12. So don’t disrupt the delicate balance of the semester that syllabus week provides for us.

The list of reasons to go out on syllabus week is endless, but at the end of the day, if you’re staying in during this holiday, you probably need some better friends.