Cabo Spring Break Trip Endorsed By IFC And PHC

author-pic at UC Berkeley  

In a groundbreaking decision, UC Berkeley’s Interfraternity Council (IFC) and PanHellenic Council (PHC) decided to both emotionally and fiscally endorse a 5-night vacation in Cabo for all Greek life members.

“The Cabo Spring Break Trip* is part of a new joint risk management policy between IFC and PanHellenic,” explained Burger Erique, IFC president. “The trip allows Greeks to engage in all of the illegal wholesome and morally appropriate activities they would typically do on the Row, but instead in the jurisdiction of a politically unstable nation.”

The trip has been well-received by Greeks, and many see it as an opportunity to benefit the often-tense relations between Greek houses and their neighbors, many of whom complain about the noise caused from public displays of Greek intoxication, or from ATO brothers brushing their teeth too loudly.


“Honestly, I think that by endorsing and fiscally supporting us to black out on the Cabo Spring Break Trip* for a week, IFC and PHC are truly standing in solidarity with the complaints of our neighbors by cleaning the community of degenerate activity for at least 5 calendar days,” emphasized Rally McClinchey, a DKE pledge.

The Spring 2k17 Cabo Spring Break Trip* will go down in university history as one of the most proactive and effective measures of risk management the university has seen since a $700,000 fence was built using public funds.

*Title for Identification Purposes Only.

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