Warm Up the Only Way UConn Kids Know How With These 5 UConn-Themed Drinking Games

author-pic at University of Connecticut  

Every Husky under 21 goes through the Freshman Friday Night Syndrome that is comprised of three symptoms: being too young for bars, too prude to own a fake ID, and a budget limiting one to a cheap bottle of vodka and an order of wings with a 6% tip. Fuck sitting crisscross applesauce waiting anticlimactically for the last Kings card to pop a beer, and try out these UConn-themed drinking games to lather up a nice, insulated goose-down beer blanket as the temperatures start to drop into “time to get the Uggs out” numbers.

5.) UConn Magic Cup:

Hearing the words “a good time” doesn’t normally correspond with a game that’s only used by dead end magicians and “The Cup Song” perfectionists. Instead, tape some logos on pong balls and follow the Husky to the best of your tipsy ability.


  1.     The cup master must be hammered in order to shuffle the cups as violently as possible.
  2.     If you pick a cup with an Eastern ball then drink however much your positively influential friends force to you.

4.) Ride the (Husky) Bus

Ride the Bus takes the cake in being the most boring card game. Instead of wishing you weren’t missing out on making drunk bar friends you’ll never see again, hitch a foldable pong table, fill some Poland Springs bottles with not water, and board the nearest Blue Line.


  1.     Set up cards on a table at the back of the bus, The Black Sheep does not endorse fire hazards.
  2.     Play a round of Ride the Bus with drunk passengers.
  3.     Take a shot every time they have to start over.

3.) Queens:

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Susan Herbst. She’s fucked you over financially, emotionally, spiritually, so why not drunkenly? Now all 30,000 students put your hands back down and soothe your resentment over a friendly game of Queens.


  1.     It’s Kings, except the King cards are replaced with Queen Susan mocking your poor decisions.

2.) Never Have I Ever: Homer Edition:

The least anticipated moment in Queens is picking up a 10 card because now it’s about to be ten wasted minutes spent in silence. Once you’ve crossed the ass eating line and rode the cocaine train there’s not much else you haven’t done. Instead, learn about all your friends’ naughty no-nos in Homer and whether you’ve shanked in the same dibs room.


  1.   Campus buildings can vary depending where you’ve done the most dirty.
  2.   Drink an extra shot if two of you porked in the same place.

1.) Drunk Football:

Playing a fun drinking game may seem like a good idea early in the night, but before you know it it’s 3 a.m. and you’re soberly pulling out Jenga blocks while across the room Stan is growing a five o’clock shadow. Looking to get real drunk real fast? Line up a row of shots and turn on UConn football; you can already guess where this is going.


  1.     Drink when the other team gets a touchdown.
  2.     Drink when Shirreffs runs the ball.
  3.     Drink when Shirreffs gets sacked.
  4.     Drink when we miss a wide open pass.
  5.     Finish your drink when you realize it’s only the first quarter and you’re already hammered.

Don’t waste any more time on lame ass drinking games this fall. Overflow them with UConn just like everything else on campus, because it’s earned, not given.

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