The 5 Best Spots to Stuff Your Face at NoDa for Under $3

author-pic at UNC Charlotte  

Since our writing staff is just a bunch of brokes such as yourself, we’re always looking for the best deal when it comes to food. Slice of pizza for giving out our email? Hell yeah. The best part about NoDa (besides being the pit of angsty hipster living) is that everything is within walking distance, which is perfect for when you’re hitting up the breweries and bars get the drunk munchies. We went out to to find the best, cheapest drunk food (under $3) in NoDa. 

1.) Sabor Latin Street Grill:

First on our list is Sabor. Home of delicious latin street food, Sabor has the exact kind of food that you would expect for a college student’s drunk diet– predominantly fried, with a shit ton of salsa. We couldn’t afford the tacos, so we decided to go for the “Elote Loco.” At $2.95, this mayonnaise, cheese and chili powder coated corn on the cob is a steal. Enjoy keeping your composure eating this while the room is spinning.

2.) FūD at Salud

Salud Beer Shop was our next stop, and you bet your ass we got food. Or FuD? Either way, we shoveled a sandwich into our dumb faces. The Michelle O’Bahn-Mi is a $6 sandwich, so bring a friend to split the cost. At first we wondered if we could consume this pretentious delight, but then we realized, ~YES WE CAN~ *Bald Eagle screech*.

3.) Benny Pennello’s:

Benny’s is the neighborhood pizza joint in NoDa, located next to Heist Brewery. At $5 a slice, the pizza might seem a little expensive. That is until you get your slice and realize it’s the size of a small child. Bring your foodie friend along to offset the cost again, and then dig right into this cheesy, greasy goodness. Located ~perfectly~ beside of Heist Brewery.

4.) Amelie’s French Bakery & Cafe:

Amelie’s is the classier, hipster version of Panera, and just as expensive. But, it has its diamonds in the rough. At $2.95, we recommend the french macarons. Flavors from mixed berry to cinnamon, there’s a wide selection for any type of taste. And lucky for the all-nighter drinkers or day drinkers, Amelie’s in NoDa is open 24 hours, every day of the week.

5.) Smelly Cat Coffee House & Roastery:

To cap off the night, we headed over to Smelly Cat to finish things off the right (hipster) way. Smelly Cat is the local coffee shop in NoDa, and it’s well worth the trip over. If you make it inside before the homeless man tries to shank you, you get bonus points. Once inside, we recommend the small Cappuccino, which is only $2.95. They even do a bit of coffee art on top of the drink to give you the air of sophistication without actually having it. Sober up, ya drunkie. 

Honorable mention: Growler’s Pourhouse:

Free popcorn behind the bar for those of you completely broke and relying on free drinks from pitying friends. You’re welcome.

This lavish night cost us $15, which was one hell of a lot better than Crown’s Hair Pasta Special. But we’re just trying to offset the costs of all those expensive ass craft beers you’re consuming throughout the night– ball on that budget, fellow boozehounds.