6 Thoughts Every VT Student Has During a Late Night at Benny’s

author-pic at Virginia Tech  

So, we all love Benny’s. Is it the mildly sketchy atmosphere, the fact that a huge slice of pizza is only 4 or 5 bucks, or that we see at least three people we know— even if it may be the wee hours of the morning and we may not remember it by the time we wake up. Either way, we love you Benny’s along with your many sights and sounds that accompany our drunken thoughts at 2:00 a.m…

6.)Why isn’t that person wearing shoes?
You  hate shoes too, but isn’t that a bit dangerous with all the glass and potentially sharp natty light cans lying around? Should you take your shoes off too? At this point screw safety, just be comfortable. 

5.)Why in the actual hell is the line so long?
Are they giving the pizza away for free now? Or maybe it’s just because everyone loves grease after a long night of binge drinking with friends. But at the same time, how mad can you really be, you already know you’re still going to stand in the line. At least you have all the pictures on the walls to look at, who even are those people?

4.) Why is that girl crying?
She may or may not be friends with the girl whom is missing her shoes. Did they come from a date party or are they always this shambly? Either way, you know they had a good time earlier in the night.

3.) Is everyone here drunk or is just everyone I know drunk?
Some people look a little too normal, not that you have to be drunk to enjoy Blacksburg’s finest fare; however it just kinda seems like the trend. Oh well. Either way, fret not dear Hokies there is plenty of oversized pizza to go around.

2.) Should I Uber home or buy this pizza?
You’re too poor to afford both, but your friends dragged you here so it’s too late. Granted the two mile walk home is significantly more enjoyable with Benny’s in hand. 

1.) How did I end up here?
As much as you love going out, sometimes you end up somewhere (usually getting food) and having no idea how you got there. Confusing however are you even mad when you wake up with a slice of half eaten pizza next to you?

Overall Benny’s is always a good time, whether we remember consuming all of the carbs or not. Benny’s is a staple in homie culture and if you haven’t been yet, then you’re missing out on the amazing people watching and the great pizza!