The 5 People You Will Always See at The Library Kitchen and Taphouse

author-pic at Western Michigan University  

Have you ever noticed how you see the exact same types of people every time you hit the bar? Everyone knows that a trip to The Library comes with a lot of booze and bad decisions, but the most memorable part of the trip is always the hilarious ensemble cast of drunk Kalamazoo denizens you see there. Whether you go every weekend or once a year, you’re sure to see these five people at The Library.

5.) The overly-sauced Bronco:

No matter what day or time it is, there will always be someone at The Library who should’ve been cut off before they showed up. Watching this Bronco have the drunk time of their life on the dance floor while singing Western’s fight song all night can be hilarious, but there are only so many times you can hear “Push ‘em back, push ‘em back, bring us fame,” drunkenly slurred out before you get annoyed.

4.) The bar star:

This is the cool kid who somehow seems to make it to the Library, The Grotto, The Goat, and every other bar on West Michigan Ave every single weekend. The bar star know every bartender, chats it up with the bouncers, and never has to pay the infamous two-dollar cover on Saturday.

3.) The chill frat dude:

Have you ever felt like going to the crowded Lib just to sip one drink, hog the pool table for three hours, and get annoyed with everyone else in the bar? Well every weekend a crowd of drunk and stoned guys stumble up from Fratville to do just that. They’re harmless, though.

2.) The drunk parent:

A college bar like The Library is not a place you would expect to see real adults, and yet there always seems to be at least one drunk mom or dad reliving the glory days and cheering on the guitar player. They are usually the most entertaining person to talk to.

1.) The K College kid:

There’s always some K College Hornet that finds their way to The Library and talks about all the awesome parties that they usually have on their campus. They try and blend into the Bronco crowd, but eventually end up talking about how K kids are more fun and can outdrink anyone from Western, and they are quickly proven wrong.

There are a lot of crazy characters that you’ll see every time you go to WMU’s favorite library. Or maybe you are one of these classic Library goers yourself, and, if so, you couldn’t be more proud.



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