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7 Day Guide to the Best Spring Break Bod at BC

We’re in the final stretch ladies and gents! So maybe there’s still 3 more days of this week but since those are basically the weekend they don’t really count, so there’s officially one week left until spring break! Whether you’re going home to sleep for a whole week or heading off to Punta to drink the week away, no one wants people to see that winter bod you’ve been hiding under your Canada Goose. But don’t worry, with these quick fixes all you need is one week to get your guide to the best spring break bod yet!!

Monday: Hit the Plex!

Day one let’s get it!! Or so you thought. You woke up late, missed your first class (and your second), and you’re pretty sure that pre-packaged turkey sandwich you had for lunch was expired. So maybe today’s workout will be on the light side. Light side meaning you walk to the Plex, find yourself a machine and just relax. But it’s okay because it seems just being in the presence of these Plex hardos is rubbing off on you. You can feel the sweat beads dripping from your face, from the sheer fact of spending longer than 30 seconds in this five star, non-air conditioned gym. So you head out feeling confident and productive, tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday: Intramural Study Group

So maybe the Plex wasn’t the biggest success because somehow when you woke up this morning and weighed yourself the scale read 3 lb heavier (probably just a mistake). But you heard today there’s this new intramural called “Intramural Study Group,” you aren’t quite sure which type of exercise this includes but you saw it’s in Bapst Library. You know you’ve always wanted to dance on those tables like Sexual Chocolate, so why not try it? Well turns out when you get there “Intramural Study Group” was just a code word for Perspectives Study Group and suddenly you’re 90 pages deep into Saint Augustine’s Confessions. You don’t even take perspectives and there is absolutely no physical activity in this intramural, but exercising the brain helps, right?

Wednesday: Hump Day!

After a late night spent doing homework at the library you’ve decided today may not be the best day to hit the gym, or to eat a “healthy” lunch of an Eagle’s salad. In fact today may just not be your day. It’s rainy, cold, and you have plenty of packing to do in your dorm. Today is a day for you, take a break. It’s hump day and you deserve a break. Yep that’s right sleep the day away, it can only benefit your health, and you can ignore all your problems and dream of the palm trees you’ll see in just a few more days.

Thursday: Thirsty Thursday

Happy Thursday! It’s the unofficial first day of the weekend! You promised yourself you’d stay in tonight, maybe a quick workout, cleanse your body with lemon water instead of tequila, and get your rest. You do have all of next week to be blacked out so save yourself. But the next thing you know you’re 5 beers in and in an Uber on your way to a bar. What happened? Well technically if you stick with light beer it can’t be that many more calories. In fact you’re just building your tolerance for next week, it’s okay.

Friday: Last Effort Late Night Run

Okay, okay so this week did not exactly go as planned, but your flight doesn’t leave until tomorrow morning you can still redeem yourself. Just keep your meals to low calorie, low carb, low sugar, and go for a 10 mile run. And most importantly do not go out tonight, you need rest after last night’s excursion. 10 p.m. rolls around and so far you’ve done pretty well. Then 11, then 12 and your roommates start to come back from their nights out. That’s when it all goes downhill. They’re headed to late night, do you want to go with? You did miss out on that run earlier, so a late night food run is the perfect supplement. You’ll just have a chicken finger and a few fries. But then you smell the mozzarella sticks and feel bad leaving them out. And the pizza looks good too. You’re leaving campus for a week and who knows the next time you’ll have food like this, so you cave.


Saturday: Spring Break!

So maybe this week didn’t go as planned. Instead of losing those extra pounds to fit into your newest swimsuit you had to stop in the airport gift shop to pick up a nice beach cover up just to be safe. But who cares you made it! Enjoy the sun or the comfort of your bed, it’s spring break time!

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