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Top 10 Drunk BC Feats to Accomplish Before Finals

We’ve only got three weeks left on this campus before finals, and especially for you seniors, time is running out to accomplish all the things your drunk freshman self dreamed of doing. Luckily for you, three weeks is just enough time to do all of the wonderful/horrible things on your end-of-the-year college bucket list, considering you might spend a weekend or two in jail. So take a few shots, scarf down that bag of Doritos, and follow us down the rabbit hole as we count down the top ten things that should absolutely be done before the end of the year.

10.) Break into Gasson Bell Tower:
It’s every senior’s dream and every security guard’s worst nightmare. You’ve seen those awesome, artsy instas of alumni illegally carving their name into a historic bell, and you want in. With only three weeks left and a little liquid courage, you better make that dream a reality. Here’s hoping you don’t get arrested for trespassing!

9.) Wander onto Alumni/Conte:
If you’re already gonna get in trouble for breaking and entering, why not go all the way? Here you have a choice: ice or wet grass. Either way, you will never forget that one time you stepped foot on hallowed, losing ground (or maybe you will, who can say?).

8.) Go to White Mountain Three Times in One Day:
It’s time to stock up on that frozen, fattening goodness while you still can — both in terms of still having a 20-year-old’s metabolism and while you’re still here. Who needs breakfast, lunch, and dinner when you can have Cookie Monster, Chocolate Mousse, and Peanut Butter Cup? If you start crying during this one, just blame the wine. 

7.) Put “Something” on St. Ignatius:
And by something, we mean your butt. Our BFF St. Iggy has been holding things for years now, so it’s time you gave him a lil’ sugar. His hand is perfectly cupped, just waitin’ for that lil’ butt. 

6.) Go to Church:
Going to the gym drunk is one thing, going to church drunk is a whole ‘nother ball game. Both are “frowned upon,” but come on, this is Trump’s America.

5.) Conquer the Newton Bus Burger:
Frosh boys have been eating this delicacy for years, so if you haven’t rode the bus yet, you might want to jump on the bandwagon. Don’t wuss out and split it; you’ve got this (maybe)!

4.) Frantically Declare Pre-Med:
Just try it and see what happens. Imagine your professor’s face when she’s forced to assume you’re having a mental breakdown/pre-mid-life crisis with three weeks left in your college career even though you’re definitely not! 

3.) Go to an ROTC Workout:
Wake up at the asscrack of dawn and join the ROTC in their work out. You’ll hate it, which is good, because you need to reaffirm some of your life choices right now. Not joining ROTC was a good decision, being drunk at their workout was not.

2.) Throw Up on the Million Dollar Stairs:
TBH, you’ve probably already done this. Whether it’s from exhaustion or drunkenness, remember the stairway to heaven/hell in the most fitting way: by puking all over it.

1.) Remember Your Thursday Night:
It’s no secret that Thursday nights in Boston are JesuLIT, and BC definitely knows how to throw down. Before you leave for the summer, challenge yourself to try and remember just one of these crazy nights. You might just hate what you see, and have to start drinking again. Whoops!

Now that you’ve got this list in front of you, stop being lame and go do it! “You only regret the things you don’t do.” – Father Leahy, probably. 


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