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6 Cheesy Pickup Lines to Land Lonely Post-Valentine’s BC Singles

Who says just because Valentine’s Day had passed, so has your love life? Consider this your warning: people will still hit on you anywhere, anytime. So stop stuffing your face with leftover Chocolate Bar chocolate or feeling sorry for yourself when you overhear people’s renditions of their nights in Mac today. With Valentine’s Day being over, single people are more desperate to score, which means your desperate ass can still get laid with these BC pickup lines!

6.) “Quit saying you’re dropping out and just do it…dropping out of those clothes I mean.”
With midterms starting up you’re bound to hear on average 10 girls a day complaining about wanting to drop out, so take full advantage. At first you may get some glares, some smirks, or even some slaps. But let the odds be in your favor and chances are at least one girl would do just about anything to avoid her Chem exam and your offer just might sound appealing, as uncomfortable as it is.

5.) “Are you Stokes Lawn because you know how to keep it high and tight.”
It’s no secret BC spends your tuition on their lawn maintenance so why not use its expensive beauty to compliment the girl of your dreams. Bonus points for catching a girl on her way back from the Plex, that’ll give her the added confidence she needs to say yes to your pathetic ass. Congrats!

4.) “After watching you try to catch the Comm. Ave bus today, I realized you’re not looking to go slow.”
Chances are she was probably just tryin’ to catch the bus before it mysteriously didn’t return for 27 minutes, but hey you ran and got the bus too, so who cares if she turns you down. Also interchangeable with the Newton bus if you’re one of those overly confident freshman boys.

3.) “I might not know how to work Agora, but I do know how to work the portal that matters.”
Considering the entirety of your academic life is on Agora Portal you probably know how to work it. But does this drunk girl at Agoro’s (easily confused with Agora) know that? Probably not. So props to you for the creativity.

2.) “Girl, you’re hotter than the Plex on a summer day.”
As we all know one of the Plex’s major faults is its lack of air conditioning or lack of air circulation in general no matter what time of year. It’s already hot as hell in the winter so we can only imagine how bad the summer is. If someone tells you this, they must find you crazy attractive.

1.)Girl get your Late Night, cuz I’d wait in line all night for you.
We all know how crowded Lower Late Night can get on weekends. But what everyone also knows is that’s just an excuse to head out early and get your own late night in. So follow that girl out, all the way to the never ending line of the mozzarella sticks and wait it out. Because if you’re lucky she might just be hungry enough for round 2 (a.m.).

So quit feeling sorry for yourself that you were alone this V-day, cuz BC’s finest have you covered on the romantic pick-up lines. Swoon.


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