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48HOURS Gives Freshman Confidence to Confront Satanic Roommates

This past weekend’s freshman 48HOURS trip to Nantucket saw the highest turnout ever of eager freshmen ready to take on college life, and for the most part, the retreat went without a hitch. Freshmen took turns reflecting, journaling, and discussing common college issues like the hookup culture and how long to wait in line for a steak and cheese before you just look desperate.

In general, it started off like any normal BC retreat, with poems and icebreakers to boot. The turn of the weekend came when CLFX resident Samantha O’Cleery went up for the famous “fishbowl” exercise, where students can talk about their college experiences, and shared that the two roommates in her forced triple were most likely involved in a satanic cult.

“Yeah, I figure it out when they came back one night at 3 a.m. dressed in black robes and covered in chicken blood,” O’Cleery stated, relieved to finally be getting this off her chest. “I’m not so mad about the cult itself; I mean, whatever way you want to express your faith, right? It’s that they chose to exclude me. College is hard enough without having to live with two people who purposefully don’t tell you when they’re sacrificing the blood of the innocent to the dark lord!”

O’Cleery began to get emotional as a sympathetic freshman in the front row handed her some tissues. “I just want to get invited to ONE demon summoning, is that too much to ask for?” Leaders lauded the brave freshman for feeling open enough to share her experience with the group, but reactions were mixed, to say the least.

“I can really connect with what she’s going through,” 18-year-old Michael Thomas wrote in his complimentary 48 Hours journal. “My roommate is weird, too! Like, he collects stamps. Who does that? So I guess we all just have our own little quirks we have to live with.”

Retreat leader Clara Michelson, however, was a bit concerned. “Usually the students just say things like ‘I don’t know my major yet’ or ‘I’m having a hard time making friends,’ which are both serious issues that we help them work through. But THIS? And she said it so casually, too, as if it’s every day you have two college students practicing witchcraft in the woods behind Medeiros. This is something I don’t know how to deal with, and I really don’t know what else to say.”

O’Cleery stated that she believed the weekend helped her come to terms with her roommates dark doings, and that through small group work and self-meditation, she has decided to confront them. “I now have the courage to tell them how I feel, and hope they decide to open up to me. After all, we will be living together for the rest of the year, and I would like to know if any ghost or demons will be stopping by our dorm room!” O’Cleery marked the weekend off as a success, and hopes that her roommates might even consider attending a retreat of their own. “That is,” she added, “if they don’t sell my soul to the devil first.”

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