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Survivor: BC Housing Edition

The time of year for BC housing is upon us once again. Spring break is over, you’re already stressing over classes, and you’ve already gotten a BC-lookaway from a past hookup. Now, it’s time to add a little more drama into your life. Room selections are beginning for the 2017/2018 school year, and you’re most likely about to be screwed. Here’s a little idea of how your 8-man dreams are about to play out.

Day 1: Eight Man Day 
Your alarm goes off and you spring out of bed because today is Eight Man Day! You got a good 2 hours of sleep last night because you had to write a 10 page paper and study for a midterm, but you’re feeling good. Doesn’t matter if you fail your test because you and your 7 bestest friends ever are going to live in a suite in Vandy and life will be great.

You all meet up for lunch at 11:30 in Mac like planned, because at 12:00 your fate will be determined and you’ll get to officially pick your bed in your dream room in your dream building on Lower! What could be better than a room with air conditioning, easy access to food and the gym, and of course hosting the best pregames every weekend in your (fairly) clean common room. This day is going to be great!

12:00 p.m.: Okay, so the email comes in and it’s not the news you were hoping for. But that’s okay because you and your friends can deal with two quads. You’ll be right next to each other and it’ll all be fine. No worries. These other freshmen running around Mac screaming aren’t thinking clearly.

Day 2: Quad Squad
Alarm goes off again, but this time you don’t wake up and you have 10 minutes before your first class starts. You hope out of bed get ready quickly and run out the door, hopefully this rough start doesn’t mean today isn’t your day. You need those quads. You and your friends can still be right next to each other and honestly less people means less mess and less to clean. Who cares if now you have to buy two of everything now, and the fight for who gets the pong table pre ordered with your names carved on it is besides the point. It will all be okay.

12:00 p.m.: Email comes in it’s not the best news. Not only is your eight man done and your quad squad, but so is this friendship. These people you thought were your future wedding party are not even coming to your birthday dinner this weekend. How can they think it’s ok to kick the group leader?? You’ve done everything for them, it’s not your fault. But, it’s ok you and your roommate are better off without them anyways. 6 mans in Vandy are nice too you just need to find four more people.

Day 3: 6 or 9… Just Fine

Alarm goes off and you hit snooze, you need five more minutes of sleep because you and your roommate were up all night scavenging the Facebook page for four new roommates. You found 2 from your first semester calculus class and two others who have the same names as those awful people who you’d rather not speak of. But that’s ok because these are the better, newer, fresher roommates. They dramatically ended their friendship with their old roommates as well and plan to make this new room the best suite Lower has ever seen.

12:00 p.m.: So the housing process at BC is just as hellish as you heard. Email came in and looks like your new ideal six man suite is not happening. You and your roommate will be living it up on CoRo next year. So what those six ex-roommates got a suite in Vandy, good luck to them when they have a 15 minute walk to class in the snow next winter have fun!

Day 4: CoRo Babyy:
Alarm goes off and you leisurely get out of bed. Gotta get to your first class before you return to your room where you and your roommate hope to get the best room Roncalli has to offer! Honestly you’re better off, you already know you and your roommate can live together and you don’t have to worry about adding more mess or fighting over who gets to watch what on the TV in the common room. And who doesn’t want another year of bathroom cleaning done for them, shower shoes aren’t even that bad.

12:00 p.m.: No email.
12:30p.m.: Still no email.
1:00pm: Still no email so you and your roommate call ResLife. Well apparently, somehow, you have the absolute worst luck ever and the University forgot to register you into the housing data. So you and your roommate were never put into the lottery. And according to ResLife all the rooms are taken. You don’t even fit in GreyClif. In a typical BC fashion they thank you for choosing this $65,000 university and wish you luck next semester!

Day 5: ???
Now what? Commute? Transfer? Drop out? See how long you can it takes until the Jesuits realize you don’t belong in St. Mary’s?

But in all honesty, let your tears out, have a tantrum, and move on. If you don’t get Walsh, you will find some eight man to crash in every weekend, and you won’t die. Everyone else at this school has survived housing, so you can too. 


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