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What Your BC Study Spot Says About How Desperate You Are

Whether you’re trying to ensure you don’t fail that tough class, trying to make sure you keep that A, trying to knock out a 25 page paper or preparing for your eight exams, it’s time to get serious. As you come off the tease that is Thanksgiving break, you face unprecedented mountains of homework and group projects left to conquer. Obsessive studying is on the rise, with some students even expected to actually stay in during the coming weekends. With all the study spots suddenly so crowded, it can be tough to know where the best place to get your cramming done is. Here’s what each study spot says about you.

Your Bed:
You’re too lazy for your own good. Let’s face it, if you’re not actually willing to get out of your bed then you’re not actually serious about not failing your finals. Sure, you might get some reading done, but you may get a lot more napping and Netflixing done than anything else.

Your Common Room:
You’re a social butterfly. Alright, it’s a step up from your bed, but not by much. If you’re studying in your room, you’re a lot more interested in hanging out with your roommates than passing your finals. Not that that’s crazy, but it may lead to an awkward Christmas with your parents when they see your grades.

You’re a little more serious about eating than you are about working. You can crank your headphones up all the way, it still won’t be sufficient to drown out the noise of Lower. Especially when everyone else has spent all day being silent cooped up in a library somewhere, they will just not be able to shut up. Not to mention the constant temptation of subpar food and even worse coffee to distract your from the studying you should be doing.

You are so over this semester you can’t even stay on campus to study. You live close by, and you decided to pack it up early and head out for your study days. Once you’re reunited with your couch and your dog, the odds of you putting in a hard core study session are just slim to none.

The Chocolate Bar:
Congratulations, you’re finally ready to get to work. Not serious enough for a library, but still. Studying at the Chocolate Bar indicates that you already know you’re going to need a regular caffeine fix, because you’ve ensured that it’s right there at your convenience. And none of the garbage they’ll be serving in Lower either. Doesn’t matter that Lower coffee is free during finals, they couldn’t pay you to drink that. Bonus, you can get a cookie the size of your head if you need a pick me up even after all the coffee.

You’re probably pretty basic. You’re not in the mood for trying to dream up a creative spot to study, you don’t need anything fancy, you just want a place to park yourself for the next few hours.

An Empty Classroom:
You are cutthroat. During study days, you for sure have to be up by five to get a whole classroom to yourself. So props to you. Aside from being cutthroat, you’ll probably also be really, really hungry after just a few hours of staking out your own personal studying sanctuary.

You do not want to speak to a single person until finals is over. You don’t want to hear any talking, any chewing, or any heavy breathing. If anyone has a cold, they better find someplace else to study because coughing and sneezing will not be tolerated. You have way too much to do to deal with anything except your textbook.

You’re knee deep in group projects. This may be one of the only places you can actually have a conversation without getting death glares from every single other person in the room. Only good for studying after four, of course, because before that there’s no way you’re getting enough seats for a whole group project.  

The Gym:
You’re trying and failing to multitask. You’re feeling pretty guilty about all the terrible stress eating you’ve been doing, and you feel like you need to go and work some of it off. So you drag your textbook to the elliptical. Now you’re just doing a subpar workout and a subpar study session.

St. Ignatius Church:
You’ve already given up on finals week completely. You know that you’re going to need to just pray for a miracle at this point.

When it comes down to it, finals and study days are going to be miserable no matter where you spend them. But at least you’ll know what your study spot says about you.


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