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7 BU Midterms Every Terrier Would Definitely Ace

BU is notorious for its hard finals, but there are always a few classes that are a guaranteed easy A. Before you go bald from the stress of chem, take a study break and reminisce over the imaginary exams on which you could totally score a 100% without even studying.  

7.) QSB SC 340 — Scamming and Hustling BU Dining Establishments:
You could skip almost every lecture too, because the curriculum is literally your life. Which Starbucks take dining points? How many cookies you can stuff in your bra when you’re leaving the dining hall? How do you hide a snack item under your GSU entree and not be charged for it? You study this shit every day, dude.

6.) CAS CC 430 — The Science of Coffee Consumption:
It is truly rare to see a BU student without a Starbucks, Dunkin’, or *gasp* Pavement cup in hand. It’s not an exaggeration to say that 99.99999% of the students in your classes are drinking coffee right now. That’s why the campus smells like bean breath and the toilets are always clogged. Students could easily ace this exam as long as they don’t commit the cardinal sin of confusing cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos.

5.) CFA PH 215 — Posing with the Allston Snap Filter in a Flattering Way:
You don’t have to be a model to take a nice picture with the “Allston Rat City” snap filter, but it sure does feel that way sometimes. It is cute, but its vertical, uneven placement doesn’t make it conducive to party pictures. This class could be a cinch for partiers, but a form of hell for boring randos.

4.) PDP AH 150 — Quickly Disposing of Alcohol Before Break:
It’s a physical (and psychological) challenge to rush wine bottles to the trash before leaving for break, but BU students have certainly mastered it. The final exam, which would involve rushing 85 Barefoot pink moscato bottles down the hall past your RAs to the trash, seems like a lot, but by the end of the semester you’ll be ready for it.

3.) CAS TR 550 — World Geography: I’ve Traveled to More Countries Than You:
Time to showcase your worldliness, Carmen Sandiego. All of those “You’ve never been to Spain? You have to go to Spain!!!” conversations can finally be put to good use. The final exam is a blank world map where you label all of the countries you’ve visited. You get extra credit for each picture you’ve instagrammed from a different time zone.

2.) COM JO 210 — How to Darty Insta:
Truly a journalistic practice, darty instagramming is all about beautifully capturing the truth. Your professor will teach you the art of posing your subjects (despite their drunkenness) and costuming (which involves evaluating which jerseys and frat/sorority tank tops look good together). The final is a photo series that looks nice despite the vomiting that probably ensued before and after.

1.) CFA CG 100 — Animal Fur Costuming:
If you have a Canada Goose coat and/or a Longchamp bag, you must definitely know how to shear coyotes, pluck feathers from geese and skin cows and horses. Simply show off your skills and design a new overpriced piece of apparel to snag a good grade. It’s cheaper to kill your own animals anyway!

Now that you have a false sense of confidence about your applicable life skills, get back to studying! Your calc final isn’t going to pass itself. 

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