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7 Things You Definitely Won’t Miss About BU Over Break

It’s almost time to say your tearful goodbyes to to BU for a few weeks. Don’t worry though, because you’re not alone; here are 7 things everyone will definitely (touching our noses because we’re being sarcastic here) miss over winter break.

7.) Paying for Laundry:
What will you do with all of our spare change when you’re doing your laundry for free? What feelings will replace the anxiety felt when you have no clothes because you haven’t done laundry in over three weeks? How will you distinguish yourself from the crowd when you no longer have the distinct stench of garbanzo beans and river water?

6.) Sharing a Room:
Who will sexile you when you’re at home? Who will be taking their grand old time in the shower when you have literally 7.5 minutes until you need to leave to go to class? You’re going to need to make up an imaginary roomie to throw shit at when they’re snoring and sneeze on their pillow when they’re not looking.

5.) Limited Printing Privileges:
Not being limited to 100 MyPrint pages changes EVERYTHING. You’ll surely miss transcribing things instead of printing them and wondering why they print an ID cover page for every document you release if they care so much about paper!

4.) The Anxiety of Warren Dining Hall:
Walking into your kitchen and not immediately being stressed about if it will be mystery noodles or hot dogs or gross lentil soup will be so weird! Moreover, not watching your Mongolian Grill food closely out of fear someone will claim it as theirs will just create a void in your heart. Nothing can replace those feelings — not even your freaky neighbor Steve that sometimes shows up in your kitchen eating your food. You’ll just have to put some noodles and broccoli in a pan on the stove and pretend it’s the same thing.

3.) Pepsi Products:
What will it be like to not be limited to Pepsi Products? Do you even remember the taste of Coke? Drinking a cola without an acidic aftertaste that feels like it is burning the enamel off of your teeth will make your heart sad, surely.

2.) The Constant Feeling of Inadequacy:
You’ll need to find a substitute for the constant, debilitating sensation that you will never be enough for your professors that you felt the whole semester. Maybe yelling at yourself in the mirror will do the trick?

1.) Sickness:
When you come home and are no longer constantly coughing up mucus and being congested, what will you do with that time you used to spend e-mailing SHS and crying? Will you even recognize the feelings of HEALTH? Don’t worry, though, because the minute you step back on campus you will feel your glands swell up, your nodes inflame, and your head get foggy.

Hopefully, you make it through this list without crying, but if not, that’s okay. Cheer yourself up with a customized BU Rhettmas playlist!


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