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A Very Special Rhettmas Playlist: Part 1

With Thanksgiving behind us and today being the first day of December (AKA Holiday Month) it is officially the Christmas season! Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “How do I celebrate? How do I sing my school pride in the Boston Common without weird looks in December? How do I let the world know that my belly can shake like a bowl full of jelly?” Well, that’s easy, kids. Just learn the latest Rhettmas holiday songs!


The Twelve Days of Rhettmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas
My true terrier sent to me:

12 Speedwalkers Passing,
11 Papers I’m Writing,
10 Tears a Streaming,
9 Places I Should be Going,
8 Coats for Warming,
7 Tour Groups Staring,
6 Professors Assigning,
5 Guest Meals Swiping,
4 Points Left for Dining,
3 ‘Bucks PSLs Steaming,
2 Hours of Sleeping, and,
1 Seat at the GSU (A Christmas miracle indeed)

Rockin’ Around the BU Seal

Rockin’ around the BU Seal,
At the Marsh Plaza Center,
Inside it is fear you feel,
Because the curse is a grad preventer!

You will get a sentimental feeling
When you see – 
Seniors dancing oh so jolly,
Despite the lateness of the T!

Oh Rockin’ around the BU seal
At the Marsh Plaza Center
5th-years will watch you as they reel
Because the curse is a grad preventer!

Winter Mugarland

MacBooks Ding!
Are you listening?
In Mugar,
Students are crying.
A terrifying sight,
Finals are coming alright.
Walking in a winter Mugarland.


These top hits are a surefire way to get in the Holiday spirit through the tears of the apocalypse (read: finals).  Stay tuned for part 2 of the playlist!


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