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What Your Secret BU Study Spot Really Says About You


Studying is a deeply personal activity, and it can say a lot about a person. Based on your study spot, you may be highly intellectual, part of the sporty crowd, or a student that doesn’t even go here! Wondering what your favorite nook or cranny says about you? Read on to find out!


Mugar Library:
What, you think because you’re some big nerd and prefer to use shitty computers with greasy keyboards that you’re better than the rest of your classmates? You’re basic, and your grades reflect that. You prefer a quiet environment that was built in the ugly ‘70s architectural style and the company of other basics. Ah, the sweet smell of old moldy books…


Your Dorm Room:
You like to be comfortable when you study, don’t ya? No need to wear shoes. Or pants, according to someone who posted in a Facebook group about seeing butts from Warren B. You like to do your own thing and study free from the judgment of others, because studying in the library would mean that you would need to be clothed – nasty. Nothing quite as conducive to studying as a twin XL bed and the sound of the Bay State Road construction.


Pavement Coffeehouse:
What are you, made of money, you can afford $3 bagels? Oh my GOD, get over yourself. Does drinking a latte made by a bearded barista named Brody while that one Lumineers song plays actually aid your studying? You’re pretentious and your affinity for studying at a communal table while looking at Tumblr-esque posters on the wall shows it.  You drink bean pee and probably wear — gag — scarves.


A Dumpster On Back St.:
You are a brilliant genius! Every other BU student pales in comparison to you. You know a great study spot and you wear cool clothes. Who needs classical music when you have the symphony of traffic and gang fights? You smell awesome, too. Never stop being you.


The Bathroom of West Campus Chipotle:
You have wonderful taste in study spots, and diarrhea-inducing fast-casual Mexican food. You always get great grades because of your wonderful choice in study destination. That Starbucks next door can kiss your brilliant ass! People trust you with their lives.


A Kanye West Concert at TD Garden:
Look at you, fancy pants! The dimmed lights, the peaceful environment, what better place to nourish your brain with the information you need to know to pass your finals? Are you in MENSA yet, smarty? Your grades are so fire, you register for 500-level courses on Student Link and your advisor is like, “won’t those be a little too easy for you?”


On a Buoy in the Charles River:
You ace all of your tests and your professors have to make new grading systems for how good your papers are. Where did you even find such a good study spot? Your friends hate you, but only because you make them look like shitty students. Keep up the good work, you intelligent baby tadpole. All the rowers practicing nearby and students smoking weed on the Esplanade salute you.





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