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7 Surefire Ways To Piss Off a BU Student

With Boston water in our blood, many things make BU students angry. But there are a few things that upset us more than anything else. Whether we’re making passive aggressive memes for BU Memes for Normy Teens or writing a strongly worded letter to President Brown about Divest, we’re always riled up about something. So, here’s a list of the surefire things that upset BU students most, just in case you feel like watching the world burn. 

7.) Decaf coffee:
Why does decaf coffee even exist? This is an actual question. If you have the answer, please, PLEASE let the world know. We’re college students — we’re tired, broke, and in need of some reliable pick-me-up. If you’re gonna spend the money on coffee anyway, why not spend it on the answer to all your problems? Caffeine is that answer. Decaf coffee is the beverage of fools!

6.) Rising tuition costs:
President Brown, what are you doing? Don’t we already give the school enough money? Thank God for the BU Memes for Normy Teens Page for allowing us to bond over our hatred for the cost of tuition.  

5.) “Who do you know here?”:
We’ve all had a lot of practice stalling until you can think of some basic name like “Steve” or “John.”  But nothing makes BU students more angry than hearing this age old question. Please, just let us into your frat. You’re not actually at capacity and we all know you’re just trying to be difficult and keep up your “tough guy” status.  So, just make it easier for everyone.

4.) Just barely missing the BUS:
Whether you run up to catch the bus just as it’s leaving or you get pushed off by some overly aggressive student who can’t squeeze in a little bit more to fit just one last person onto the bus, we’ve all been there and we’ve all gotten angry. There’s nothing worse than having to walk all the way across campus for your 9 a.m. chemistry lab in Boston weather. RIP an angry you.

3.) When people say BC is in Boston:
Chestnut Hill is most definitely not Boston, and anyone who thinks so is clearly LIVING A LIE!!! BC doesn’t deserve to call themselves “Boston” “College” when it’s not even in Boston. Until their name is revoked by the state, we refuse to call them anything but Chestnut Hill School. That’s what they are and that is what they will be called. End of story. (Also, BC sucks.)

2.) Fire drills:
Fire drills and fires around campus are a common theme recently, terrorizing everything from WTBU to the law building to the mattress in West. But nothing makes a BU student more annoyed than hearing that piercing sound turn on in the middle of the night telling them they need to evacuate the building. You thought high school fire drills were bad, but they’re nothing like a fire drill in some of the largest college dorms in the country.

1.) Dry Parties:
No one likes a dry party. Half the fun in going to parties is the satisfaction of consuming as much of the frat’s alcohol as humanly possible. But sometimes dry parties happen, like during admitted students weekend or during rush, and BU students are angry. Nothing like a dry frat party to welcome new freshmen to their first college experience!

With dorms lighting on fire every day, let’s all agree to avoid doing any of these to each other, okay? Deal. 

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