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3 Places to Find Free Stuff on UMD Campus

Here at UMD, there are plenty of events for you to go just for the free stuff they’re handing out even though it’s really not free with all those fees and extras tuition makes us pay… but that’s even more reason to go out and get what you paid for! Besides, who doesn’t want a free donut every now and then? We at The Black Sheep thought we would grace your week and gift you with a few places on campus where you can always obtain some free goodies.


3). Physics Building Donuts


We guarantee that any day you go in this academic building, there will be a table of donuts just waiting for you. They’ve been there every week for the past three weeks, so obviously they really want you to take their free donuts! We don’t actually know what organization it is, so you may be at risk of being forced to donate or sign up for something. But at least they reward you with some nice donuts!


2). Thursday Emoji Shirts


Ever wonder where everyone finds those emoji shirts for the football games? We’ve solved it for you! Every Thursday before the game, people will be handing them out in front of McKeldin. If you can’t find them there, be sure to head over to LaPlata for the Terp Up events. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to add to your massively concerning t-shirt collection.


1). Sporting Events


Even if you don’t want to go watch the game, you obviously need to go at least for the free stuff! Football and basketball usually give out shirts and soccer has given super nice scarves in the past that you can make everyone jealous with by flaunting it. Not all games give something out every time, but you’ll know they are when you hear it through the grapevine. Trust us when we say that you’ll always know—college students love talking about free things.


At a big school like UMD, there is always something going on. And if it’s that huge of an event, then you know you’ll be able to get your hands on some free stuff to add to your pile of useless shit sitting on your desk. The Black Sheep has given you a few places to find things, but keep in mind when considering whether an event will have free stuff or not, there is always something free. Enjoy your hunting, Terps!

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