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How to Continue Pursuing Your Career Goals Over Spring Break

Spring break is the perfect opportunity to escape the Minnesota winter in favor of a destination that won’t pose a health risk if you leave your house with wet hair in the morning. However, education can continue even while you’re having fun! In fact, spring break can also be a perfect time to continue your studies, if you’re a nerd and into that kinda thing. Below, The Black Sheep created a breakdown by college on ways to continue your studies while still enjoying the ability to absorb that Vitamin D.


College of Biological Sciences (CBS):
The majority of CBS students are pre-med and spring break is the perfect time to break in those medical shoes. On the beach, things such as heat and alcohol make spring break spots a cesspool of potential doctor’s visits. After spring break, you’ll be able to put on your resume that you’ve had experience treating alcohol poisoning, dehydration, and broken pride.                       


College of Design (CDes):
For those in CDes studying fashion, spring break is a perfect opportunity to test your skills at one of the smaller fashion trends—the swimsuit. During spring break, there are no rules, so any design you make won’t be judged. Explore all types of materials. From chicken wire and Styrofoam, to velvet and Velveeta, there are no limits to the creative choices you can make.


College of Education and Human Development (CEHD):
Spring break destinations are hotbeds for people with questionable morals lacking in ability to make choices. Practice your ability to educate and develop humans by being the killjoy right on the beach. Teach the boy playing beer pong that the alcohol he’s drinking can cause liver damage. Let the girl who’s taking a bong hit know that marijuana damages brain cells. Also, let the people crying about their cheating partners know that their partners are horrible people and they should egg their car. Educate and make people better.


College of Liberal Arts (CLA):
CLA is the largest college and covers a wide range of possibilities of majors and career paths. At the beach, CLA kids can do almost anything on vacation and it can relate to a major in their college. Be free!


College of Science and Engineering (CSE):
Recent studies have shown that students who can create great architectural feats from mere sand are able to build almost anything. All you need is a bucket, a beach full of sand, an ocean, a rake, a tractor, and a can-do attitude. Then you can put your engineering and building skills to the test. Word to the wise: build your castle further down the beach to avoid having your masterpiece trampled by people who reek of fruity vodka.


Carlson School of Management (CSOM):
Need extra practice networking? A beach full of intoxicated partiers is the perfect place to practice your ability to make everyone your friend. In an environment where everyone is there to have fun and no one is sober, any apprehensions or nerves you once had about approaching strangers will melt away. After all, there’s nothing less intimidating than making connections with people who aren’t entirely sure what’s going on. The one downside to beach-networking is that many people won’t remember you in the morning.


After all, you’re paying exorbitant amounts of money for your education; you might as well use it during your break if you’re too far in debt to afford booze!

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