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Student Sits Next to Other Student, Despite Empty Chairs

UD Junior Daniel Hoffman was reportedly made extremely uncomfortable during his first class of ENGL316 when he was sat next to by another student, despite several other empty chairs being available.


The identity of Hoffman’s assailant is unconfirmed, but he is described as a white male, approximately 6 feet tall with an athletic build. Eyewitnesses claim that he responds to the name “Tim.”


“I was just really confused,” explains a visibly shaken Hoffman. “Like I was sitting there, probably five minutes before class starts, and suddenly this kid is like right there, you know?”


University documents reveal that there were several available seating options in the classroom, with the number of desks far surpassing the number of students on the class roster. Experts have deemed that from a purely mathematical perspective, the actions of “Tim” were unnecessary.


Hoffman has reportedly tried to put the incident behind him, but has been unable to shake the encounter from his mind. He admits that what is most confusing and disturbing is the motive, or lack thereof, for the seating choice.


“At first I was like, oh maybe I know this dude and just don’t remember him? Then I thought, like ‘Whoa what if he’s blind.’ I didn’t want to be insensitive.” Eyewitness accounts of Tim texting and writing in his notebook confirm that he is, indeed, not blind.


Reports suggest that despite choosing to create an intimate environment between himself and Hoffman, Tim did not make any further attempts towards interaction.


“He didn’t say anything to me. He didn’t even really look at me. I actually thought to myself that maybe this kid likes me, you know like likes me, and that he kind of chickened out once he sat down. Why else would he want to be that close to me besides if he wanted us to like get married or something?” says Hoffman.


Hoffman’s suspicions were supported by an elbow graze that occurred between himself and Tim. However, experts are unable to rule definitively whether the graze was romantically-motivated, due to the possibility that the physical contact was merely a result of the close proximity of the elbows.


“Dan was really just sitting there minding his own business when this other boy came and sat next to him,” said classmate Elizabeth Zeller. “Dan’s face went so red and then just turned completely white. He was so scared; I thought he was going to pass out. The whole time we were sitting there in class I could tell that he was just so uncomfortable. It was sad.”


Going forward, Hoffman plans to take steps to avoid this interaction happening in the future. His strategies include shielding himself from strangers by putting some of his things on the chairs surrounding his, creating an anti-social backpack fort.


“It’s going to be hard, going back into that room and basically having to relive the whole thing again. But I think as long as I don’t panic and mess up then there’s no way this can ever happen again. Otherwise I’ll probably drop the class.”



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