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The 3 Best Places to Scare Students on UMD Campus [Gifs Inside!]


It’s the week before Halloween, when UMD has nonstop events, candy, haunted houses, and much more if you’re looking for a way to be festive. (or to procrastinate; that works too.) Either way, Halloween on this campus is lacking one crucial part: the scaring! Luckily for you, The Black Sheep has decided to take up this monstrous task and scare the shit out of a few poor souls who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. In doing so, we have discovered the top three best places where you can live out your dreams as an asshole that scares people. You’re welcome.


3).  Outside Their Room:




Reactions vary from angrily slamming the door in your face to receiving an annoyed death stare. But then you may get reactions like this one, where the victim panics and runs into the room to hide. Regardless, you’re sure to get a good laugh.


2). Behind the Front Desk:




You need two people for this scare: someone to create a diversion and another to scream bloody murder. Just play it off like you lost your UID and need a spare. Your CA’s are like little helpless sitting ducks—they’ll fall for it since it’s their job to help you.


1). Elevators:




Elevators are by far the BEST place to scare people shitless. They walk in all casually and distracted by the creepy person standing the corner looking like they’re recording you and then BAM.

Although he doesn’t look that surprised, this guy stood there with his hand over his heart for a solid three minutes. The elevator doors started to close on him because he couldn’t move. Afterwards, we felt kind of bad for scaring this kid.


Let’s see how our next victim reacts:



This girl was so scared that she backed off the elevator and looked like she was about to run the other way. She didn’t though, and during the ride she complimented our scarer’s hair. Who knew you could make friends from scaring people?


Overall, Halloween isn’t just about the treats but also, and most importantly, the tricks! It’s too much fun not to scare people, and where else better to do it than on a college campus with lots of corners to creep around and 35,000 victims to choose from? Just keep in mind that some are prone to being scared than others, so do your best to refrain from causing a heart attack, like we almost did.


Have a great Halloweend, Terps and keep scaring!

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