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Why are you running? A poem.

Dear student,
Why are you running?
Why not just take it slow? 


Dear student,
Why are you running?
Where do you have to go?


Your class will still be there
That I can promise you.
The students and the teachers
Will all be there too.


If it is the attendance sheet that worries you,
Have a friend sign you in.
If it is the asshole teacher that worries you,
Accept that you won’t win. 


It cannot be comfortable,
Running with that backpack on.
Slamming hard against your spine,
Like an abusive dad to his son. 


That was a bad metaphor.
I can admit to that.
So why not admit that you don’t need to run?
Unless of course you’re getting fat.
(In which case, keep on running porky)


Dear student,
Why are you running?
What is the rush?


Dear student,
Why are you running?
Did somebody just yell “mush!” ?


Slow down, you rushing member of higher academia.
Class isn’t that great.
Life moves fast enough, you hurried little sycophant.
Learning can freakin’ wait. 

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