NAU Students Reverting Back to Middle School Tendencies After Blink-182 Concert Announcement

author-pic at University of Arizona  

It was recently announced that the spring concert at NAU will be everyone’s favorite 2000’s skate punk group, Blink-182. Many people are obviously very excited about this event, but there has been another surprising trend among some Lumberjacks. It seems that NAU students are reverting back to their middle school trends and fashion.

Students are skateboarding all around campus and pulling their torn up Chucks out of their closets. Almost everywhere you go it seems there is someone wearing cargo shorts and oversized hoodies. Some students say it’s just to get in the spirit, others say it’s just because people “don’t understand them and their interests.”

Biochem major Kate McIntosh commented, saying “You know it’s just so cool they’re coming man, like, I’m stoked dude. It’s been so long. Warped Tour 2005, maybe? I don’t know man.” She then finished tying her Vans and crushed a can of Rockstar against her forehead before leaving.

Dane Luther, a member of the Student Philanthropy Club and lowkey drug dealer, also had some opinions. “I just wish they brought back some other good bands, you know? Like All Time Low? Blood on the Dance Floor?” he listed, before launching into a full explanation about the decline of quality in Hot Topic’s band merchandise. “I just want my good-ass band shirts back. I don’t give a shit about Steven Universe.” Dane commented before leaving to buy more skinny jeans.

Amongst all of the newly dyed neon hair and people being “just really random,” the skateboarding has become a huge issue. Students should worry less about the leftover ice and more about energy drinks spilled on their flannels by the crowds of radical ‘boarders taking over all the sidewalk space. Caution is advised on the sidewalks and if you get into a discussion about music with one of these students. There are very few right answers with them when asked what kind of music you listen to.

Whether you are doing an over the top throwback or just horrible and aren’t a fan of bands from the early 2000s, one thing is for certain; they weren’t kidding when they said this wasn’t a phase, all of those years ago.

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