The Spirit Doggos of BU Colleges

author-pic at Boston University  

Each BU college has its own distinct personality, energy level, and breed, much like a doggo. Though we like to smell each other’s butts on occasion, we prefer to stick with our pack.

College of Arts and Sciences – Golden Retriever
You are playful, fun, and reliable. You are versatile, having many different skills. Your large, wriggly shape is loveable even if you have trouble regulating your (building’s) temperature, and your inability to sweat makes you constantly humid and breathing heavily. You’re constantly bounding across campus because your classes take place in many different buildings and you enter class panting. Everyone loves a Golden Retriever, especially when your name is Maggie, Buddy, or Champ.

Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences – Black Lab
You are skilled and want to help people! You might become a seeing eye dog or even help cure diseases with your great sense of smell. You are loyal to your cause, even if that means that you don’t sleep and let your hair get all matted. You’re constantly doggy-paddling to keep from drowning in your assignments.  Your name is probably Bear, and your chocolate puppy eyes certainly don’t hurt your good bedside manor!

Questrom School of Business – Bichon Frise
You look like a cloud of smoke! Also, you are a fancy pants; you are expensive and know 👏 your👏 worth👏. You don’t waste your time on cheap clothing lest you become a knockoff mutt, and sometimes you get stains from crying so much because you are also sensitive and that is OKAY. You ARE A PRIZE. You can typically be found near old-timey floral furniture or something else from an overpriced upselling store. Your name is probably Bijou or Mr. Fuzzles… you should probably get that changed before you score an MBA.

College of Fine Arts – A Terrier Mix
Though you are little and kinda scrappy, you care about your art and that’s what matters. Your head is tiny enough for you to wear cool hats, and you are agile enough to run across campus at record speeds. You work fast and while plebs might not understand your genius, you see the brilliance of your paw prints dipped in paint scattered on a canvas. Your dorm room probably looks like a little cage with treats hidden in random places that you forgot about. Your name is probably Baxter or Pinky.

College of Communication – Standard Poodle
You are standard. We get it, you grew up watching movies and now you want to make your own. Cool. You can do lots of tricks, like walking on your hind legs, dancing, and using Adobe Premiere. You take commands and are reserved, but come out of your shell sometimes, usually when you need to find an actor for a short film for a class project. Do they make Adidas Supremes for dog paws? Your name is probably Gus or Muzzy.

College of Engineering – Dalmatian
SPOTTED! You can’t hide, though you know you would like to stay cooped up in your dorm and ignore your exams. You might like fires because you’re a crazy nerd, or just because you have questioned the value of your life since coming here. You’re not good with kids, you just scare them with your warning them that college and adulthood in general are miserable. Your name is probably Jonesy or Spot.

School of Education – Jack Russell Terrier
You learn very quickly. Sit, stay, roll over, do your dance do your dance do your dance AYE… You have learned your tricks and would like to pass them on to younger pups. You are little and often rolling around on the floor of the SED library to keep yourself from getting overstimulated. Your name is probably Oliver or Bugsy.

School of Hospitality – Paris Hilton’s dog Tinkerbell (may God rest her soul)
Ahhh…you’re so well traveled. You’ve ventured all around and stayed at many glamorous (Hilton) hotels. You’ve been in so many hotels in your little doggie carrier and would like to give other dogs the wonderful service you have received. Warm towels, a nice bubble bath, a steak tartare from room service…it doesn’t get better than this. Bow wow!

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