The 7 Most F***ed Up Things to Ever Happen at Clemson

author-pic at Clemson University  

Seniors may or may not know about Clemson’s history, but most of us walk this campus everyday, blind to the rich history that surrounds us. There’s no History of Clemson class offered here (don’t quote us on this), so we did some digging. Most things are good, of course, but some really f**ked up things have happened here. So… here are those things. 

7.) Cripmas:
A Greek org at Clemson made a dumb decision and paid the price. Weird how groups of people can just sort of let things happen without at least one person speaking up and saying, “Hey, uh, this is kind of f***ed, isn’t it?” But that happened, and happens all the time, and it’s f***ed up. Simple as that, hopefully people learn their goddamn lesson. Speaking of…

6.) Tillman Hall:
This beautiful, iconic, bell tower is a classic, well known building on campus. But, what some don’t already know is that this building was named after a racist slave owner. Although, Ben Tillman was a respected Governor, Senator and prominent founder of the Clemson Agricultural College we all know and love, he was still racist as f**k. In addition to the name of the building, it was also vandalized this past year. Many people have tried to start petitions to get the name changed, but it’s an icon on campus so it’s sort of remained in limbo. Racism is bad, people. One love!

5.) Clemson Football Got Stoned and Suspended:
“Drugs?!” you say, as you are reading this. But, in this case, drugs could have been the reason for our Clemson football team losing the CFP Orange Bowl semifinal last season. Unfortunately, some individuals did not heed the D.A.R.E. lessons they received in high school. But thankfully, we won and people probably learned their lesson.

4.) Friar’s Tavern CLOSED:
Friar’s Tavern, the most infamous Jet Fuel gameday spot at Clemson, was torn down this past year and it’s pretty f**ked up. Along with the building, many hearts were broken when they decided to do this. RIP Friar’s Tavern and the many unforgettable memories that most of us don’t even remember due to massive alcohol consumption. We are all going to miss your over-priced yet so ridiculously dank tube shots. Clemson step it up and give us somewhere dope to drink again!!

3.) Chad “Swag” Kelly:

You know that guy that is notorious for being a dick? The guy who composed his own Clemson rap (if you even want to consider it that)? Being kicked off the Clemson football team? That guy that was too busy sliding into the DMs of a former porn star, Mia Khalifa? Chad Kelly for you, my friends.

2.) When Some Dickhead Broke Howard’s Rock:
Frank Howard’s statement, although usually taken very seriously, was not taken seriously on this day. “Don’t put your filthy hands on my rock,” he said. But, some filthy hands were put on the rock, actually broke the infamous rock. That’s f**ked up.

1.) When Yik Yak Inevitably Got Super Racist, Because Of Course:
‘Member the Sikes Sit In? ‘Member how f**ked up the incidences were that led up to the Sit In? ‘Member? ‘Member how some individuals felt it necessary to produce some pretty racist remarks regarding this through an anonymous social site called Yik Yak? Well, if you didn’t already know, hiding being social media and doing this is pretty f**ked up. If you still use this app, grow the f**k up.

There are many more things that have occurred at Clemson University that were equally as sad or worse and we acknowledge that those happened as well, but, yano. Everybody just needs to chill the f**k out and love their neighbors. This is the Clemson family, don’t be the annoying aunt nobody wants to deal with.

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