The 6 Most Savage Makeouts from @weCUmakeout, Ranked

author-pic at CU Boulder  

Someone is always watching, and somewhere, somehow, there is definitely evidence of you drunkenly making out with that guy from your bio class, or your best friend’s ex-boyfriend (hello, GIRL CODE you bitch), or maybe just some guy whose face you grabbed. Making out feels fun and adventurous, and making out while both parties are mutually hammered feels like a good, sexy idea (even if it isn’t). Here, we celebrate and handful of the most impassioned make out sessions. If you’re lucky enough to be featured, tweet us @BlackSheep_CU and show your “love.”

6.) Booty Grabbin’:

A lil’ booty-grabbin’ never hurt nobody, am I right? Yes Evan: he did really go for it with that full five-finger butt action. And she really went for it too, making out on a couch that may or may not be covered in the bodily juices of many a frat star or sorority girl.

5.) Buff Bus Lust:

One of two things could be happening here: either they were too horny and impatient during the bus ride to their one night stand in his extra long twin bed, or fate just put them both on the same bus at the same time and they thought, why not? Either way, creds to you crazy kids. And creds to the nerd who was sober enough to take this flawless portrait of teen lust.

4.) Flower Crown of Shame: 

Hilarious and just a little bit concerning. The awesome, thoughtful friends surrounding the couple in this one look pretty lit, but the participants in this makeout look the most lit. Like, smash-our-faces-together-so-hard-he-turns-his-visor-backwards lit. We’ve all been there, even if it wasn’t a guy’s face that we accidently ran into.

3.) Mom: 

Not sure what would be funnier- if this was his or her mom getting “not mad, just disappointed” at the seemingly innocent child she reared, or if this was just some random mom who is probably about to go find her son and warn him about the consequences of making out with strangers (which there aren’t, unless you count mouth herpes). Is this a party? A casual get together? Why is there a single parent at this party? Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that our parents did not bear witness to our drunken sexual escapades. Go at it, gents; After all, her mom’s disappointment is your lucky night.

2.) Melfie: 

They really committed to this one. Like, entire mouth-to-mouth CPR style. And creds to this cameraman for livin’ on the edge and taking an up close and personal melfie (makeout selfie) with this fine-ass couple. What will happen next? We can only guess.

1.) Third Wheel So Hard: 

Behold: the awkward third wheel at its most extreme. This couple is too lit to give a fuck about leading this girl to awkwardly scroll through Instagram until they are done; they didn’t get dressed all nice and walk to this dumbass party to not get some action. The girl on her phone is low-key pissed, she was having a nice conversation with blondie over here till she was all, one sec gotta make out with this dude, u good? And she was all lol yeah that’s totally OK (but secretly she’s all omg that’s SO rude.) 

Go follow @weCUmakeout, start creepily taking pictures of people making out at parties, or go get drunk and play tonsil hockey with a rando (these are not paid spokespeople). Keep being impulsive and horny, Buffs. Stay trashy, cuz it pays to ~get stuffed~.

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