The 6 Most F*cked Up Things to Happen at UGA

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If you’re an incoming freshman or a transfer you may be wondering, “what’s happened at this university before I graced it with my presence?” What you’ll soon find is that the legends aren’t on College Prowler or Reddit, but here, at your most trusted and reliable news source. So read on and learn about UGA’s mysterious past (with a roommate because you might end up in the fetal position).

6.) The Shirttail Parade:
The best part- it wasn’t even hazing. In the early 1900s, freshman men would take their pants off and march throughout the streets of Athens. They would meet the sophomores at the arch where, fistfights (and elephant walks?) would ensue. Underclassmen bonding at its finest.

5.) Women Had “Dorm Rules” Until 1967:
Women were admitted into UGA in 1918, but were basically on lockdown until 1967. They weren’t allowed to stay out after 11 p.m., couldn’t visit men’s apartments and couldn’t go out of their dorms with curlers in their hair. The president of UGA at the time would probably roll on his grave if he saw the 8 a.m. Brumby walk of shame.


4.) Ryan Seacrest Didn’t Actually Graduate from UGA:
Although our favorite top 40 announcer attended UGA in 1992, he dropped out shortly after to pursue his broadcasting career in Hollywood. Which history’s shown has paid off. All of the (under 5’8) women were probably weeping in the dust of his fame.


3.) Todd Gurley/ Nick Chub ACL Injuries:
There is nothing more to be said. Many are still recovering from this football season. Fair warning, if you bring this up in any social situation you run the risk of getting a drink in the face.


2.) UGA Campus is Non-Smoking:
Although every frat boy’s lungs’ rejoiced in breathing clean air for the first time in years, all of their hearts collectively broke when realizing UGA became smoke free. If you look around you still might see some lost souls fidgeting at their khaki pants for their pack of cigs waiting to be smoked.

1.) Stonewalls is Dead:
If you’re an upperclassman you most likely spent many a blurry night and drank many a watered down drink in Upstairs Stonewalls. Stone’s held a warm place in all of our hearts. There might as well have been a funeral procession when it turned into “the Goat,” where it swiftly perished. RIP.

If you have survived reading this bleak tale of UGA’s past not in the fetal position pat yourself on the back, and rejoice in the fact that Spring party season is right around the corner so you can drink the pain away.


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