Let’s Taco ‘Bout Tacos in Athens

author-pic at University of Georgia  

Like any boisterous college town, Athens has blessed UGA with a plethora of grub-erys. Everybody loves munching on wings, pizza, and sushi, but we think its high time we taco bout the taco scene. With the love for Mexican food growing, it’s no wonder that new taco spots are popping up around town. Everyone’s entitled to their favorite, but really there can only be one winner. Here’s The Black Sheep’s definitive ranking some of the various taco spots in Athens.  

5.) Taco Stand: Chicken Taco w/ Hot Sauce:
The Taco Stand actually has three locations since one taco place just wasn’t enough for those greedy bastardos. The chicken taco will be the same no matter what location you order from. The chicken taco option is fried and comes with hot sauce. Attention Caucasian people; don’t be frightened by the hot sauce, it comes on the side and can be mild, hot, or extra hot for those that want to dine in hell. The thing is, you’ll definitely need to add the hot sauce to liven up the taco. With the only ingredients being lettuce and some shredded cheese, there isn’t much to offer.

4.) Taqueria Del Sol: Fried Chicken Taco:
Might as well call this one Taqueria Del Sorority since 90% of the customers were sporting Greek letters and snapping photos of their queso and margaritas, but let’s get to the taco. First of all, the fried chicken taco comes with a nice amount of this zesty jalapeño mayo that reminds a niño just how important sauce can be. Besides that, the taco is garnished with some basic lettuce and tomato, but the magic is in the sauce at Taqueria Del Sol.

3.) Tlaloc: Chicken Taco:
Tlaloc was the most traditional restaurant on the list in that it’s a sit down Mexican restaurant. The quaint shop is set up not too far from the Terrapin Brewery, so next time you accidentally get drunk on a tour, stop by and have some authentic tacos. Besides Takorea, Tlaloc was the only place that informed the customer about the corn tortilla option. For those that don’t know, a corn tortilla is made of corn flour… but it makes for a delicious taco and adds some authenticity to the taste. Beware; the hot sauce on the side es muy picante. In addition to the hot sauce, onion and cilantro, Tlaloc throws half a lime in to super soak those tacos.

2.) Taqueria Tsunami: Thai Chicken Taco:
Taqueria Tsunami was pleasantly surprising. It was interesting to try out this bold combination dubbed the Latin-Asian kitchen (could be a porno). Being right next to Mellow Mushroom makes for yet another conveniently placed taco shop. The menu has a large assortment of tacos, but the Thai Chicken was apparently the most popular, and rightly so. The tangy Thai sauce and sesame seeds that covered the chicken proved to be the difference maker in shooting Taqueria Tsunami to spot number 2 on the list. Sadly, the Thai chicken taco was not as big as the competition, but sometimes size doesn’t matter…

1.) Fuzzy’s Taco Shop: Baja Chicken Taco:
Surprise, surprise; Fuzzy’s tops the list for tacos in Athens. The Baja chicken taco has shredded chicken that is seasoned perfectly without too much kick. With the essentials that are tomato, lettuce, and cilantro, there is also feta cheese. Feta is meant to be eaten on Baja chicken tacos. On the eighth day the Taco God said, “let there be feta cheese on chicken tacos” and so it was done. Of course, this becomes invalid if you’re not into feta cheese. Despite that, the Baja chicken taco was the most enjoyable all around since it was filling, tasty, and unique.

Overall, it was a tough choice to rank these lovely taco shops. Each one differed from the last and if you’re lucky, you’ll make your way around to try all of them. Visiting five taquerias in one day is sure to induce a toilet coma, but hey, it was worth being able to grub and live to tell about it.   

Are you wishing you changed your mind about location yet?