4 Ways to Know You’re Being a Total Dick on KU Buses

author-pic at University of Kansas  

All KU students should be thankful that we have such an incredible transportation system to utilize on campus, but that doesn’t mean we have to be thankful for the dickheads who also use it. If you’ve ever taken the bus, you’re likely to have seen these massive dick moves once or twice.

4.) Calling Someone Out for Riding the Bus Up the Hill:

You’re finally finished with your third class of the day, and you realize how tempting it is to catch a bus up the hill considering your last class was in Robinson and your next class is in Wescoe. Disregarding the fact that you seem lazy as hell, you catch a bus. You reluctantly request a stop as soon as the bus makes it’s way up the hill and you’re suddenly called out by some ass who happens to think he’s better than you because he rode the bus from Oliver. Instead of acknowledging your laziness, you decide to save yourself some embarrassment, and make up some bullshit excuse as to how you’re not trying to look too swole in the calf area.

3.) Entering Through the Back Door:

Entering in the back door is not only frowned upon during sex, but also when you’re getting on to the bus. There’s no point in trying to get in the back door when you know you’re just going to get yelled at by the meth head bus driver. If we had a dollar for every time we saw someone trying to enter the bus from the back, we wouldn’t need to ride the bus because we’d be able to afford our own car. 

2.) Riding the 11 to Daisy Hill:

The 11 to 31st and Iowa is one of the most crowded buses on campus, and it also only arrives every 30 minutes. If you live on the Hill, you have ample opportunity to catch just about any other bus, yet your impatient ass just has to inconvenience everyone who literally HAS to ride that bus. We hope the three-minute bus ride to Daisy Hill was worth it, because now everyone hates you, and no, that’s definitely not an exaggeration.

1.) Contributing to the KU Plague:

Apparently KU needs to offer a course titled: “How to Cover Your Stupid Mouth When Sneezing Or Coughing” because it’s all too common for KU students to just spew their bodily fluids onto the innocent passenger next to them. You know how Smokey the Bear tells you how “only you can prevent wildfires?” Well, the official slogan of KU’s transit system is now “only you can prevent the KU plague by being a decent human being and covering your damn mouth.” Slightly more threatening than Smokey the Bear, but hey, whatever works.

If you’ve finished reading this list and find yourself relating to any of the actions mentioned above, please stop. You’re making the bus more miserable than it has to be.