6 Easy Ways to Make $6,000 at LSU for the Spring Break You Won’t Remember

author-pic at Louisiana State University  

All semester long students complain about how poor they are and how many times this week they’ve eaten uncooked Ramen for dinner. But somehow, these students always manage to cough up enough money to spend spring break with the best of them. The Black Sheep is here to offer up some ways to make at least $6,000 to fund spring break.

6.) Sell your plasma:

Everyone donates blood to save lives; but donating plasma saves lives and money. While Lifeshare is having an event on campus, sneak in there and sell your plasma. Selling your plasma will get you the penthouse suite for your spring break party palace.

5.) Dress as LSUPD:

Get a police costume from Party City and start writing tickets. If you write even half as many tickets as real LSU cops do, you’ll have enough money to buy a vacation home.

4.) Steal from Howe Russell:

Arguably one of the creepiest buildings on campus, Howe Russell is filled with thousands of fossils that are worth a shit-ton of money. Hit the dark web with them and you’ll be rich in no time.

3.) Kidnap your TA:

The only thing professors hate more than you is grading papers. If they lost their TA’s who tirelessly grade their papers, professors will pay a high ransom to get them back.

2.) Charge Smokers:

Rope off smoker’s alley and start charging them $1 per cigarette. At the rate these people smoke, you’ll be a multi-millionaire by spring break.

1.) Sell your textbooks:

With each of your textbooks costing $300, selling all five of them grants you enough money to get enough Natty Light to black out the entire row during spring break.

While money isn’t always an easy thing to come across, especially for a college student, hopefully these tactics can provide enough insight for you scheme your way to the top.

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