RCAH Student Drops Course After Admitting She Likes Mainstream TV

author-pic at Michigan State University  


Michigan State junior, Erica Pickens, has dropped her RCAH 390 course after stumbling through an incoherent string of words that was supposed to resemble some sort of introduction to her classmates.

The incident that is being described as “life ending,” “humiliating,” and an “annihilation of any chance at seeming even remotely socially competent,” occurred Tuesday morning as the class participated in a routine introduction of themselves. This strategy is used among many professors in discussion-based courses and is something Pickens, a member of the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, is fairly used to.

“I’ve always hated these things, and RCAH always does this,” Pickens told The Black Sheep, “but I’ve come up with a go-to routine for these introductions. Say my name, Erica Pickens, where I’m from, Marquette, and a special fact about me, usually that I love feminism, equality, and snowboarding.”

Unfortunately for Pickens, her routine would not work this time around, as her professor wanted the class to include their favorite television show in their introduction as well.

“I was seated in about the middle of the classroom, so I had time to come up with something,” Pickens explained. “I needed to think of something relatable and unpretentious, but also something that would make me seem unique.” When it finally came time for Pickens to give her big speech, however, she still had nothing she thought was constrictive to say.

“I got through my name and where I’m from pretty seamlessly, but I was sweating pretty bad and my hands were shaking. I tried to say I didn’t have a favorite TV show, but my prof wouldn’t let me off the hook and demanded I say something. I stuttered a little bit and finally muttered through a cracked voice, ‘The Office,’ which I actually haven’t watched in like three years.”

It is being reported that along with Pickens, three other classmates in the class of twenty-four students also acknowledged The Office as their favorite television show. “God, I’m so fucking basic,” exclaimed Pickens. Other RCAH-favorites included Girls, New Girl, Gilmore Girls, 2 Broke Girls, and American Pickers.

However, not all witnesses of the social misstep thought it as embarrassing as Pickens’s own interpretation of the introduction.

“I mean, it really wasn’t that big a deal,” expressed junior Ann Harraway. “I don’t think anybody was even paying attention, and I couldn’t even tell you what her name is. I was too busy daydreaming about hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence and Zooey Deschanel.”

Pickens, however, feels she can no longer show her face in class ever again.

“It really sucks, because I need that class to graduate, and now I’m only taking ten credits this semester. This is really going to jam up my senior schedule, too. But I don’t really have any other choices at this point. I blew it, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to fully recover from something as embarrassing as that.”

At press time, it was reported that Pickens was now considering changing her major to Mechnical Engineering, to avoid any chance of interacting with anybody from RCAH ever again.