Area Nazi Doesn’t Get What the Big Deal is With 17th Avenue Swastika Thing

author-pic at University of Minnesota  

Following an incident where a UMN student was arrested for vandalizing a res hall desk with a swastika, prominent area Nazi Beve Stannon told anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot that he doesn’t understand, “What the big deal is with these Jews and their feelings.”

Mr. Stannon, 63, expressed disbelief that a student could be arrested for something as small as proliferating symbols of a genocidal regime on a college campus. “It’s pathetic what these liberals get upset about these days. Back in my day there wasn’t all this talk about ‘hate speech’ and ‘white supremacism’ on campus; we knew little pranks like these were all in good fun.”

“I mean, shit,” Stannon continued. “Next you’ll be telling me that hanging anti-Semitic fliers and other neo-Nazi propaganda is ‘morally outrageous’ or ‘a dangerous sign of rising hate on both a local and national level.’”

When informed that there had in fact been such fliers reported at several spots around campus, Stannon claimed that liberals and college students today “just don’t get the joke.”

“People just don’t value free speech like they used to,” Stannon lamented. “Offensive jokes and hateful language are as American as apple pie. Don’t people know that Pepe memes are what really brought Hitler down in the end?”

At press time, Stannon was seen marching outside 17th Ave carrying a “I do Nazi the Problem” sign, where passing students proceeded to repeatedly punch him in the face.

WATCH: This is the most garbage of memes, hate it before it happens,