President Cheng’s Twitter Feed Causing Concern Among NAU Students

author-pic at Northern Arizona  

It seems that there’s been a new trend that’s started concerning the older generation and Twitter. Trump has been misbehaving on Twitter long before the election and that hasn’t changed. Other’s in positions of authority have followed suit. One of those unfortunate few is our own NAU President Rita Cheng. Recently, Cheng has been causing more problems than usual with NAU students through smug and often unnecessary tweets about goings on at her school. After the record setting storm in January, Cheng posted this tweet:

Her smugness over the move to keep NAU open during a potentially dangerous storm was immediately met with hostility. Many accused her of being a hypocrite and that she did not care for student safety after she also tweeted:

When professors started complaining, Cheng consented, though half heartedly, to cutting school short. Many students felt that this was a useless move to try and win their favor, but in succumbing to the delightful world of shots firing over the internet, Cheng tweeted:

Efforts have been made to try and keep Cheng away from Twitter in an attempt to cut down hostility between her and the students. But when her phone was taken away, Cheng became incredibly agitated. Those trying to help were forced to return her phone when she threatened to reconstruct the Pedway again. Many students are not confident this will last long, especially with the latest tweet:

Making ridiculous and unpopular decisions is one thing. Denying a known fact about her own species and not taking responsibility for the consequences is another entirely. No one knows when her twitter plight will end, but staff members urge students to remain strong. 

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