Overwhelming Need for Sugar Daddies After NYU Ranked Top Sugar Baby School

author-pic at NYU  

Local NYU sophomore Katie McGinty is looking forward to her first Seeking Arrangement meet-up this weekend.

“I just want to be part of the elite, at least just for a night, you know?” Katie gushed while applying a bright red lipstick. “I’ve heard these guys will buy you expensive jewelry, fancy food, and even pay some of your tuition, just for hanging out with them for a night! You don’t need to make out with them or anything.”

With NYU being one of the top sugar baby schools, McGinty is not the only student looking for a wealthy sugar daddy. Her best friend, Emily Bryant was the first of her friends to sign up for the service.

“This weird old dude took me to a super classy rooftop restaurant and paid for everything. It was the coolest night ever,” Emily said. “I got all my friends into the sugar baby lifestyle. It’s a perfect way to experience New York without spending a dime! Now I can save all my cash for tuition and textbooks.”

Gary Filbert, the Chief Executive Officer of Seeking Arrangement, ran his hands through his hair after reading the reviews for his website.

“There’s just too many girls signing up! We don’t have enough sugar daddies to satisfy everyone. It’s out of control.”

Filbert took a long drag from his cigarette, his hand shaking. He began to pace back and forth.

“The market’s just changed so much since old, rich men started preying on young, naïve NYU girls. The girls are savvier than they used to be. The sugar babies used to be satisfied with a dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and thirty bucks all in crumpled up ones, but that’s not enough anymore! Now they want expensive clothes, lavish parties, and huge wads of cash on top of it all!”

Filbert sighed, sitting down heavily in his office chair.

“I hate thinking about all those disappointed NYU students going back to school without a wealthy old man waiting for them. I guess I just don’t know the gold-digging business anymore.”