10 Underground Houses You Have To Go Greek For At OSU

author-pic at Ohio State University  

Does recruitment have you down? Did you get dropped from your favorite house? Are you sick of shuffling your ass up and down 15th to the point of chafing? Then enter the black market of underground fraternities and sororities to find your real “home.” The Black Sheep has the low-down on the most top-tier underground OSU frat and sorority houses so that you can choose your home away from home for #notjust4yearsbut4life.

10.) Omega Sigma Upsilon (ΩΣΥ/OSU):
Everyone else thinks Ohio State is just an over-zealous cult anyway, so why not take the leap of faith and make it officially official with a brotherhood? Chapter meetings take place in the front yard (sometimes on the patio if they get lucky) of Urban Meyer’s Dublin home. Be prepared to have the entirety of the lyrics to Carmen Ohio tattooed on your right arm flab during pledging, jsyk.

9.) Tau Eta Omicron Tau (THOT):
In THOT, there are no rules or standards. Everyone is free to be themselves. On Bid Day, you run back to your home away from home that you’ve known this entire time: Bull’s, and grind up on anyone/ anything all night long. Don’t worry—hazing isn’t bad. It just consists of spending an excessive amount of money at Delia’s and Buckle for your new wardrobe.

8.) Sigma Epsilon Gamma (ΣEΓ/SEL):
Founded on social change, justice and rights for all, Sigma’s largest and sole passion is ensuring the everyday use of the original name “SEL” for the library located on 18th Avenue. Nerdy? Yes. But they’re freaky chicks for sure. Just ask them what goes on in the basement after hours.

7.) Mu Epsilon (ME):
For ya’ll who don’t need no man. Or anyone. Mu Ep’ is the perfect fit for anyone who hates everyone. The best, most unique part of this srat is that you get the perk of saying that you’re in a sorority without ever seeing your sisters/brothers…no pain, no arguments, no problem.

6.) Mu Pi (MΠ):
AKA moon pies, which will forever be known as the tastiest snack. Who wouldn’t want to rep the only thing right in the world on your chest? It is assumed that the protest to get them into C-stores and the Shoe begins the moment you join.

5.) Delta Epsilon Epsilon Zeta Nu Upsilon Tau Sigma (ΔΕΕΖ NΥTΣ/DEEZ NUTS):
A wannabe mid-tier copycat of ΩΣΥ/OSU, ΔΕΕΖ NΥTΣ/DEEZ NUTS could be described as a chiller and more down-to-earth ΩΣΥ/OSU. They like toilet humor, pornography and haze out the ass, but they’ve got sick cigarette letter t-shirts so that’s dope.

4.) Rho Iota Mu Rho (PIMP):
PIMP’s tend to pair with THOTs at block almost every year, but they try and hang out with all sororities. Because ten is better than one and a PIMP’s gotta do what a PIMP’s gotta do. Obviously.

3.) Alpha (A):
A is a feminist science experiment sorority. When they wear their letters they look like the chick from The Scarlet Letter. They’re mainly comprised of dirty hippies and nudists who supposedly get with any dude they please because freedom. There is no in-between.

2.) Sigma Mu Iota Tau Eta Sigma Tau Epsilon Epsilon Beta (SMITHSTEEB):
SMITHSTEEB are the douchey guys who band together almost by force in the first week of college. They walk up and down High St. to upperclassmen parties because they always have the in. They ~somehow~ all end up in STEEB. Founded for their humble mindset that their dorm is better than everybody else’s and known for their use of roofies (well that got dark fast).

1.) Zeta Epsilon Kappa Epsilon (ZEKE):
ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, the most top-tier of all top-tier frats by far.

Happy rush, Buckeyes.

Are you wishing you changed your mind about location yet?