Bobcats Give Advice to Donald Trump

author-pic at Ohio University  

Today is the hugest day of the whole entire year. (That being said, need a fun drinking game to get you through the first day of Donald Trump being president? Take a drink every time President Trump says any of his iconic catchphrases during his inauguration, or whenever.)

Since Donald Trump is now our official president, The Black Sheep went around and asked a bunch of students on OU’s campus what advice they would like to give him for his upcoming 4 years in office. There were tons of answers, but these were our favorites:

“Don’t let us down.” -Brandon L., OU junior
This is some solid advice for President Trump to use when starting off his presidential term. Those are some words of wisdom that we are sure everyone across the nation is thinking.

“Don’t go to your own inauguration.” -Emily Olney, OU sophomore
*slow claps* this is the type of advice and humor that our nation needs with such a polarized president.

“Think before you speak and act.” -Anonymous OU Sophomore
These words are Mother Theresa worthy.  This is some good advice for all of us.

“I really don’t know.” -legitimately half of the people that were asked to give advice to Trump.
Honestly, same.

“Don’t screw up.” -the other half of the people that were asked to give advice to Trump.
Once again, we feel the same way.

“Orange is not a good color for you.” – Hailey F.
Sometimes it is the most brutally honest advice that turns us into better people.

“Get a thesaurus.” – Maddy R. 
Tump’s vocabulary is already pretty… huge… (So sorry but we couldn’t pass up on that horrible pun opportunity.) But maybe a thesaurus could help him switch up his vocabulary or teach him the pronunciation of “China.”

“Make America great again… for real though.” -Nathaniel S.
We don’t want anymore lies or fake news! This student wants him to stick to his promises.

“Whatever you want to do, do the opposite. Please.” -Anonymous OU junior
This was an obvious Trump supporter (refer to the drinking game in the first paragraph to help you survive the next 4 years.)

“Building the wall is a bad idea. I’m telling you now.” – Andrew T.
An omen for the future.

These quotes are only a small selection of all the advice people want to give our next president. Do you have any advice that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!