7 Things President Duane Nellis Should Know About OU Before His First Day

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The Board of Trustees just name Duane Nellis the 21st president of Ohio University. Recently coming from Texas Tech, a university located about 20 miles from the edge of civilization in north-central Texas, the move to the first university in the Northwest Territory will be an adjustment for Duane. We at The Black Sheep have compiled a list of things specific to Ohio University that should help the new president adjust to life in Athens, Ohio.

7.) Squirrels:
The Bobcat might be the official mascot of Ohio University, but the unofficial mascot is the squirrel. These little furry things are everywhere! They are so comfortable around people that they have been known to take food from anyone hanging out on College Green. Be careful when on campus, because the squirrels will be watching you.

6.) Bats:
Ohio University students, faculty, and staff like to be in touch with nature. One of the ways to integrate nature into daily life is through housing accommodations. Bats have been found from residents halls, to off-campus housing, and even in the previous residents for past presidents. Don’t worry Duane, if you see a bat in your house that means you are an accepted member of the Ohio University community.

5.) (Insert word/event/place) Fest:
Going back to when SpringFest was an Ohio University sanctioned event that SERVED BEER, students at this campus have made it clear they like to party. Hell, when most of Athens was without water due to a watermain break, students turned that into #NoWaterFest. Bobcats will find any excuse to party.

4.) Marching 110 Rules Everything:
There is one group that runs everything on campus, and that is the Marching 110. Often imitated, never duplicated. Bobcats are proud of their marching band and will following them anywhere to see them perform. Many students and alum agree that the only reason to go to home football games is because of the Marching 110 halftime show. If you don’t support the Marching 110, don’t bother showing up to campus.

3.) Strouds Run:
Tucked away about 10 minutes from campus, Strouds Run is a nice little getaway that students love to take advantage of. When given the choice of sitting through another boring economics class or spending the afternoon hanging out near the lake, the choice is simple. Rumor has it that Jenny Hall-Jones and Jason Pina have been know to hold off-campus meetings at the park, just to get off campus.

2.) We Have a History of Activism on Campus:
While Athens might seem tamer than Berkeley, Madison, or Ann Arbor that doesn’t mean this is a sleepy campus. When people on this campus recognize an injustice going on, either on campus or around the country, they rally and make their voices heard. This could be the riots that force campus to close a month early back in 1970, or the more recent events on campus. Bobcats take advantage of the right to assemble.

1.) Bobcats Love Being Bobcats:
This seems a little like ‘water is wet,’ but that isn’t the point. Students come to Ohio University for a variety of reasons. They might be following in the footsteps of an older sibling or a parent, or they could be looking for a top-tier education. But regardless of why students come here, they all have the same feelings when they leave. They just spent 4, 5, or 6 years of their life in one of the prettiest locations in the country learning about themselves and how they can make an impact in the world. They all have friends that went to the big school up north, but anyone can pretend to be a Buckeye. It takes a special kind of person to truly be a Bobcat.

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