7 Reasons We All Missed The Square Over the Summer

author-pic at University of Mississippi  

Having to leave Oxford this summer was hard for us all. Two whole months is along time to be away from the square, and there was a lot to miss while we were gone. But now that school’s starting up again, we’re back baybeee and ready for anything. Here are reasons we missed the square so much:

Going out at home just doesn’t compare:

Most of us come from towns that are boring or completely empty. This means the handful of bars in the area will be for some pretty creepy dudes which means no ladies, which then means no fratstars. Even when you can find a spot to hangout, it’s just with old friends. Ugh. With Oxford you know there are going to be some fine prospects for you to get your recruiting on. Everyone needs the excitement of going to the bars and flirting. It’s just what the “young adult” has to have to be able to stay sane.

6.) Ladies getting everything paid for:

Everyone knows it would be a lie if a female said they didn’t like to be treated to a nice dinner or a plethora of dranks. As a male, it’s nice to be able to take a beautiful woman out and shoot your shot. There probably weren’t very many occasions where you got dressed up, or halfway, this summer but Oxford is going to give that back to you.

5.) Socializing and story-telling is the talk of the town:

Who you know and what you know is pretty important. Or so they say. It’s all about the “Well, my brother’s girlfriend’s sister dates a guy who is good friends with so and so.” It sounds like a bunch of bologna but when you’re involved in one of these conversations, it’s very intriguing. The more you go out and meet people, the better chance you have of hearing better stories or coming up with your own. What better place to do that, than right here on the square.

4.) Boozing isn’t always losing:

Your parents aren’t here now so there really isn’t an excuse to get plastered. If you already know what’s up, then you’ve probably been hungover since you moved in. Speaking of move-in day, if you didn’t go out the night you got back and get completely trashed, you’re just doing college wrong. You have to get your tolerance back up for the school year. Football season is approaching and if you aren’t ready for it then WYD?

3.) Spending your money doesn’t have to be on alcohol:

There are some pretty sweet stores on the square. Miss Behavin, Hitton & Hitton, and Neilsons are some of the best places to get new outfits for the fall. The likelihood of a parent sliding you their card for some new clothes is a lot better than for beers and trouble. We know that you aren’t willingly going to want to pay for them, but conveniently they have some of the nicest clothes on the square for you to stare at.

2.) The risk of getting caught is too high at home:

At home you may worry about coming home late because your parents don’t like you staying out all night. They also might not like you having little boyfriends or girlfriends over. However, the fun part to all of this is the getting away with it, without being caught. OPD is a lot like our parents. No drinking too much, no underage drinking, and nothing that involves harming anyone. We respect them but dislike them at the same time. Their Twitter might be fun and games, but when they are on the square it’s business. So, with that being said, come back and have fun trying not to get caught.

1.) “All the fine girls go to Ole Miss…”

Freshmen guys won’t understand this, but they soon will. Anyone who is returning to Oxford after any given time, loves the fresh faces of beautiful people everywhere. Trust us, we know they don’t have many girls like this back home. That’s because there are places like Ole Miss. The new faces are ready to be seen, and we know everyone is eager to see them.

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