5 Ways to be an Intersectional Feminist but Still Game Day at DKE

author-pic at UC Berkeley  

The Black Sheep lives for Game Days, and we know you do too. However, when you’re as #woke as most Berkeley students are, there can be a slight moral dilemma. How does one remain an Intersectional Feminist who understands and fights for the equality of genders while weighing in the other social prejudices caused by issues such as race and sexuality while still getting fucked up at DKE? Thankfully, we have five sure-fire steps to help you take the moral high ground while, you know, not.

5.) Get Your Gay Friend In At the Door:

There’s nothing more intersectional than getting your GBF into a party. Use the fact that Adrian is there with 20 girls to get him through the door. That’ll really subvert the patriarchy. Also what are they even worried about, it’s not like he’s gonna hook up with someone?

4.) Request “Fight Song”:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign song and a straight-up banger? Count us in. This is belongs on any socially conscious party playlist along with “Same Love” and “Fight Night” by Migos. If Hillary would have won it probably would have become the National Anthem.

3.) Only Do Coke off Your Copy of The Feminine Mystique:

Betty Friedan’s 1963 work that sparked the second wave of feminism is the perfect thing to do a quick line off of! Plus it fits in a fanny pack no problem. Bonus points for doing a bump off the Beauty Myth.

2.) Follow The Reductress on Twitter:

It’s like The Onion, but feminist! Your like section on Twitter will definitely confirm your identity as socially conscious while you mainline Vitali.

1.)Blindly Ignore Everything Happening Around You:

Completely ignore every single detail about the power system that we and thousands of others voluntarily take part in that every single day reinforces the toxic gender roles that dominate our society.

Intersectional Feminism in five easy steps. And if you’re thinking this article is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, you’re wrong. We here at The Black Sheep are way more woke. We went to Delta Chi.