Black Sheep Exclusive: The Spooky Details on UConn’s Haunted Prosthetic Leg

author-pic at University of Connecticut  

It was a late Saturday night when an occult, eerie-looking guest was delivered to Busby 154. The guest being an old prosthetic leg with no indication of origin. No one knows where the leg came from, or who it belongs to. Connor and Flavio are the unlucky roommates who the leg was bestowed upon, and yesterday they shared their haunting story with us.

“At around 5 a.m. in the morning I woke up to a knock at the door,” Connor told The Black Sheep. “When I went to check: no one was there. I opened the door and the leg fells to my feet. I was too tired to deal with it thought, and left it in their doorway to go back to sleep.” 

The next morning, Flavio discovered the leg “that was now somehow in our room.” Confused, yet indifferent toward the object, he brushed it off. But later that night, the leg was tired of being ignored. “We were doing homework and heard a strange tapping coming from the wall of the room where the leg was,” the boys told us. “But when we jumped up to investigate, the tapping stopped immediately.”

It gets weirder, folks. The next night, around 4 a.m., Connor heard the microwave beeping. “I wondered what the hell Flavio was eating at 4 a.m.,” he said. “I got out of bed and noticed that Flavio was fast asleep.” 

Both boys describe having very vivid dreams of inanimate objects coming to life and trying to kill them. Fast forward a couple days: one of their friends comes over to hangout. “I was sitting in a chair with my back to the desk,” Connor said. “Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and assumed it was our friend who came over… But then Flavio told me he left about 20 minutes earlier.” 

At this point the boys are completely freaked out by this creepy leg. They can’t sleep without keeping a light on, and can’t help but think about what the leg might do next. 

The Black Sheep felt for our fellow haunted Huskies, so we took to some class-act investigative journalism. Because this is Connecticut, home of those paranormal investigators from The Conjuring, we felt we’d have a special knack for this sort of thing.

Using the pictures the Connor and Flavio sent us, we did what we do best: googled some shit. It took us about five minutes to discover that the prosthetic leg is from around the ’30s or ’40s. Back then, World War II was going on and many men were in need of prosthetic legs. 

We did our best to find the maker of the leg, but due to the wear of it we couldn’t quite make it out in order to further our research. We also could not seem to find any makers of wooden lace-up prosthetic legs that seemed to match the letters we could make out.

We did discovered a name written in pencil on the bottom of the foot. It looked like it could have said “Ken Berts,” or “Ken Gerts.” We discovered that Kenneth Gertz, a decorated police sergeant and veteran, happened to have an extremely similar name and a connection to UConn.

Unfortunately, he passed away in 2000 so there was no way to find out if the leg actually belonged to him. It could have been a collector’s item, since he seemed to have all of his limbs intact.

But the biggest mystery that still remains is how exactly the leg came to UConn, and how it ended up at Busby 154 on a late Saturday night. And more importantly: what does it want?

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