UMass Freshmen Prepare to Remain Lost Amid Rapid Construction

author-pic at University of Massachusetts  

UMass students returned to the university this past Monday to begin a new semester, but despite having become familiar with the campus many freshmen have prepared to remain lost because of all of the construction happening in Amherst. It is predicted that many will arrive late to class or not show up at all simply because they couldn’t find the room or building they were looking for.

Rick Perry, sophomore English student who experienced this terrible plight around this time last year, suggested that being a freshman spring semester is like “finally understanding Spire, then having the I.T department decide to use a new site.”

“I lived in Southwest last year, and most of my classes were Gen-Eds, so I was in Herter or the ILC most of the time. I made sure I wore my lanyard around my neck so I could openly label myself a freshman without the fear of asking embarrassing questions,” Perry added.

Like most freshmen at the start of spring semester Perry declared a new major, mostly because he couldn’t locate his classes after new construction projects that had happened over winter break. 

“I signed up for a class in Gunness lab but couldn’t find it before add/drop. Had to drop that one.”

Perry now majors in English, clinging to Bartlett and it’s familiarity. Little does he know, the department was moved to brand new building: South College.

Others like Rick who are still affected by their of days getting lost will suffer further under the campus’ rapid construction. Freshman will be particularly impacted. Julia Hansen, a freshmen architecture major, just recently learned that one of her required courses is located in a building that didn’t even exist last semester. ”What the hell is the Design Building?” Hansen said after looking at her class schedule.

“First of all, I don’t even know where to look for this alleged ‘Design Building,’” she claimed. “I know for a fact it wasn’t there in December. It must of just popped up when I got back.”

“With the university forever changing and expanding, students are expected to look over their class locations and arrive to their lectures on time,” said Chancellor Subbaswammy, commenting on the distress of the students. The construction is not going away. Reading a map is a life-skill. Just deal with it.”

Students are encouraged to take a look at the campus maps provided on the school webpage, as they provide a pretty accurate depiction of where it is that you’re going.

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