HEARTWARMING: UMass Students Bond After Realizing Mutual Habit Of Getting F*cked Up Every Weekend

author-pic at University of Massachusetts  

Growing up in the digital age, millennials are no strangers to critics who describe them as emotionally distant or self-absorbed. UMass students are especially aware of the generational disconnect, as elder Amherst residents often make snide remarks about their behavior nearly every time they may slip a curse word or accidentally funnel a beer bong in public. This candid set of real time images perfectly shows just how connected and empathetic today’s youth can be—and yes—even those wild ‘ZooMass’ animals.

Here we see an average female student waiting for an elevator in W.E.B. DuBois Library.

And here comes another student, but he’s lost in phone conversation—typical millennial.

Tension starts to grow as this chatty sir continues describing his wild night out at Stacker’s Pub last Tuesday. The Minutewoman is clearly becoming annoyed, right?


After overhearing the stranger’s shame spiral about breaking his “I will not get fucked up anymore” streak only after three days of retaining full consciousness, she feels an instant connection.

Feeling compelled, she tells her new friend that she also lives a questionably immoral life and gets fucked up “literally always.” The two really hit it off and they even fist-bump. Wow.

The sparks just don’t stop flying.

We are all one but human being contributing to the endless circle of…

….damn is it just us or is that elevator taking forever?

But just look at that heartfelt goodbye.


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