What Does Your UNCC Org Pick Say About You?

author-pic at UNC Charlotte  

With the Spring semester underway, you’re no doubt considering or already part of a few campus organizations. From College Republicans to the Feminist Union, UNCC has something to offer everyone. But, like our partners at BuzzFeed, through our panel of genius psychologists and cat experts, we can totally decipher your interests depending on the clubs you attend. Here’s The Black Sheep’s guide to your personality based on your choice of student orgs:

Fencing Club:
You’re a refined student; when you and your two friends decide to attend a party, you bring your own whiskey and Ikea glasses. Day-by-day, your choice of wear is a soft flannel shirt neatly tucked into a pair of navy-blue jeans positioned slightly higher than your hips. Of course, never underestimate the rich, faux leather of the belt wrapped around that classy waist. Oddly enough, women are still attracted to you.

Other club you attend: Campus Crusade for Christ.

American Society of Civil Engineers:
Although you might have a large friend group, all of them are also engineers; whenever you invite “foreigners” to your dorm, the propaganda posters with looming fists holding hammers on a blood-red background make the stench of your sweat more unbearable. Your collections of Iron Maiden and Queen shirts in no way differentiate you from your friends. Hell, all of you are just cogs turning the engineering professors’ tenure.

Other club you attend: Science Fiction & Fantasy Club.

Earth Club:
This one’s easy: open-toed sandals, white socks, cargo capris (littered with tiny weed flakes), and a tank top. Favorite poison: absinthe. Political affiliation: Green Party and beyond.

Other clubs you attend: none.

Anthropology Club:
Most days, you’re stressed out. Like your Earth Club cousins, you enjoy some recreational Mary Jane to relax but find that your nerdy side overpowers your inner rebel. For you, the ultimate high is learning about skull evolution, cross-cultural developments, and initiation rites. Most of all, you enjoy a lengthy fossil dig in the summer heat; your pouring sweat seems to cleanse all your iniquities.

Other clubs you attend: Linux Users Group.

Russian Club:
Your favorite pastime is siphoning vodka from your friends’ liquor cabinets shelves. Your choice of wear is a dark blue Adidas sweat pants and jacket complete with a thin, gold chain. Of course, your Adidas shoes are white with space-black stripes. To top it all off, your scruff adds a rugged, mischievous look to your aesthetic. Political affiliation: whoever Vlad Putin is.

Other clubs you attend: unofficial club of whoever smokes outside the Union.

Did we read you well? Did we horribly offend you? Did we give you crippling depression? Whatever the outcome of this self-help article, The Black Sheep hopes you chose your orgs well; some of those membership fees can get expensive, not to mention those scalding hot brands…. Happy January, everyone!

College in a place where the air doesn’t hurt your face > College where it does: